When projects don’t quite come together.

I had my weekend all planned out. I mean, sort of. In the general, I was going to finish prepping the backsplash and build/ hang the final cabinet door. But then once I started with one thing, I couldn’t stop. And then there was something else that I had to do. So basically, what I intended to be a really focused, goal-oriented weekend ended up being an ADD-fest. Yaaaay.

During the week, I prepped the final cabinet door by sanding and wood-filler-ing it, and re-sanding. I painted a couple coats of off-white (which is the interior color of the cabinets and a paintfail by me), and a couple coats of the exterior cabinet paint. When I finally decided to emerge from my cocoon of Sunday morning hibernation, I was ready to go! Drill a couple holes, put some hinges on the thing and ta-daaaaa! Cabinet door! Right? No? Bummer.

The screw (which is tinnny in and of itself) is too long for this tiny-width door. Cabinet Door Screw

Oh, and the door looks unlike any of the other doors in the rest of the kitchen (aka, no wood trim detailing.) I JUST WANTED TO FINISH IT.

So I decided that instead of finishing it because I ran out of lattice trim, I should switch and paint one of the cabinet interiors. But then I noticed that the front of the shelf had a spot that needed some wood filler. So I fixed that, too.Cabinet Interior

Then I decided that I needed to sand the backsplash area. But then I needed a second round of spackling. So I did that. And let it dry.Backsplash Prep

And then I saw that the underside of the soffit needed to be cleaned up, since that was still a mess. (Added some more spackling here.)Cabinet Caulking

Oh, and then everything needed caulk. So I ran around the house with my caulking gun like a crazylady. Because we have a house with lots of cracks. Especially after the winter vortex.Door Crack

So basically, we took about 4 steps backwards in the whole “finishing the kitchen” thing.

But at least it will be 100% complete, instead of 90% complete, with a bunch of little things that need repairing. RIGHT?

And the backsplash is sitting in our garage. Taunting us.

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9 thoughts on “When projects don’t quite come together.

  1. Can’t wait to see what you chose for the backsplash. This, m’lady, is how Megan works with projects. Ergo (Kelly word), THIS is how long it takes me every project. Buttt, my spankin’ new reupholstery supplies are supposed to arrive today. Eek! Yeah projects that are 1step forward and 4 steps back!

  2. It must be in the air…or Springtime. I ‘adjusted’ the turn – screw latches on the outside cover of the refrigerator on the outside of the motorhome. Which means I actually opened them and it flew off on our drive from Tucson to Mesa. Shortly after I found that out, the kitchen drawer had something caught in it so I couldn’t pull it out. So I pulled it out to ‘unjam’ it and pulled the faceplate/front of the drawer off and and the drawer collapsed into the drawer below it. Then as we were getting ready to fix it — I gave it another tug and immediately impaled your mother’s thumb which produce spurts of blood. And a scream. Yikes!….

  3. Your kitchen is going to be amazing… just keep repeating that to yourself until it’s true 😉 You get a hell of a lot done when you’re mantra is “just one more thing before I stop…”!

  4. Wait, so you didn’t decide to do Project A, collect your materials for Project A, then quickly and efficiently complete Project A before moving on to the next project? *Balks* In MY house, we do one project until it’s completely done before even considering moving on to the next. #BloggerLies.

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