Master Bathroom – Phase 1 Complete!

As I mentioned before, especially with the kitchen, we like to complete things in phases. Basically, we do projects when we have the money to do said projects. Sometimes, that means we’re able to do a couple basic things to increase functionality and appearance, while not completely solving the problems within a space. That being said, we were able to add some storage solutions to the Master Bathroom and make a little bit more sense of the whole trim situation. Oh, and upgraded the light too.

Remember when I posted our mood board and inspiration photo back in November? Well. I think we got pretty darn close to that. With a few tweaks, of course. Oh, and minus the crystal chandelier. And chair. (Who has room for a chair in their bathroom?) And also, there’s something to be said for thousand-dollar cameras and professional photographers. Ahem.


Master Bath Complete_HouseofGoldThe top half of the wall is painted using Behr (Satin) color matched to Martha Stewart’s Gabardine & the lower half (and trim throughout the room and the whole stinkin house) is Sherwin Williams’ Extra White in Semi Gloss.

I bought this Martha Stewart Vintage Gold paint a while ago (OMG I JUST SAW THIS IS DISCONTINUED. MUST GO RESTOCK.), and get super-excited any chance I have to use it. (Like when I used it on the ceiling in the Master Closet.) Of course I wanted to use it in the vanity nook.   Medicine Cabinet Complete_HouseofGold

Most of the shelving things we already owned. The shelves themselves are from Ikea, and I just painted them white. It’s nice to have a spot where extra towels can sit, and a spot for J’s beard-grooming things to charge. (MUST. CARE. FOR. BEARD.)Master Bath Shelving_HouseofGold

I used a couple of old white curtain panels to sew together a ruffle-y new shower curtain. Don’t ask me how this came together. I don’t know. And we scored this awesome rug at an Estate Sale a while ago.Shower_HouseofGoldWe’d still like to change out the pedestal sink for something with a bit of storage, and take up the linoleum and add some tile (with a heated floor, because my feet).

Of course, the light that we just talked about last time. Vanity Light After_HouseofGoldAnd because it’s awesome, the door was all… “Heeeey, you’re not really done with this project yet”. And removed itself from the top hinge. Thanks, door.  Master Hinges_HouseofGoldOverall, this transformation cost arouuuund $100.

  • Gabardine Paint (Gallon of Behr): About $30
  • White Paint/ Trim Paint: Already had
  • Martha Stewart Vintage Gold Paint: Already had
  • 1/4″ Sheet of Plywood: Already had from the pocket door situation, but could be around $15 or so.
  • Vanity Nook Trim: About $5
  • Wall Trim: About $20
  • Orange Fox Jar: (HAD TO HAVE THIS.) $4.97 on clearance at Target
  • Tiny Swivel mirror: $15 at Marshalls
  • Estate Sale Rug: Already owned, but $12

Not too bad, to go from this:


To this:Sink After_HouseofGold

Toilet Corner_HouseofGold

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7 thoughts on “Master Bathroom – Phase 1 Complete!

  1. That inspiration picture you posted is mighty fine, but hey, who’s got the space for all that? Even the height of the ceilings make is seem grand.

    I love your bead-boards around the bottom half. I reckon a gold line around the middle (on the board just above the bead-boards) would be fab. I saw something like this in a magazine today (unfortunately it was too new for the images to be up online anywhere as yet or I’d post a link). It was a hallway with the bottom half painted black, the top was white and then there was a middle band of gold overlapping the two. It looked fabulous.

    I think you need a bigger mirror though. The height of the light above the little alcove doesn’t seem quite in proportion, though I do love how you’ve created this space in the wall cavity. Perhaps a large mirror with an fancy gilt frame would suit the space? It would be even cooler if it secretly opened to reveal that wall cavity behind it.

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