Making an ugly light not-so-ugly…

In this whole bathroom redo, we were in the midst of finishing out the kitchen, which was a lot of money. And it was around Christmastime, which can be a lot of money. So I was feeling pretty… over-spent. See what I did there? It’s like a double entendre. Yeaaaahhhh College.

Ahem. So when it came time for the light situation to be addressed, I just wanted to make the light not-as-ugly as it was. And here it was:Vanity Light_Before

See? Ugly. So when I want to do something for cheaps, I think to my self… Self? What is cheaps? Oh. Right. Spraypaint.

I took that sucker right off the wall and in to the garage to get my paint on. To make sure the paint adhered to the metal arms, I first (verrry lightly, and with a fine grit) sanded the surface. Painting Light_HouseofGold

And then I primed it (flat white), and then painted it (glossy white). Also, when you paint a light fixture, make sure you cover the sockets with something (tape, paper, whatever), so that paint doesn’t get in there and gunk up the connections. No bueno.

Prime Light_HouseofGold

Lately, I’ve had a hankering for some mercury glass in my life. So I figured… I bet pinterest knows how to make it, right? Pinterest knows everything. So I found a little tutorial, which required three things. Spray paint (this kind), a mixture of half water and half vinegar in a spray bottle (already have this junk), and paper towels (again, totes got this one).

So the tutorial goes as follows:

1. Lightly dampen the surface of the glass. (Weird, but okay…) (Also, do one side of the glass at a time. Otherwise, you’d be a mess.)

2. Spray 5-6 light coats on the glass of the mirror paint. (Only waiting about 30 seconds between each coat.)Spraying Globes_HouseofGold

3. After the last coat, spray the surface with your vinegar/ water mixture and let it bead up some. (Wait about 30 seconds or so.)Vinegar Lights_HouseofGold

4. Lightly dab the surface with your paper towel.  (You might have to do the vinegar/ water step a couple times to get the right effect.)

5. Repeat 1-4 on the opposite side of the glass. And then? VIOLA.

Vanity Light After_HouseofGoldNot so bad for approximately $8.97, no? YES? Lie to me and tell me it’s amazing.


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