A little Trim on this, a little trim on that.

Once the Vanity situation was all sorted, I got to work addressing how the “beadboard” would meet up with the upper (drywall) portion of the wall. Aka, I had to decide on trim. To be completely transparent, J and I bought at least three different types of trim, brought them home, and then thought better of it. Like we did with the whole pocket door thing. And around the same time the pocket door situation was resolved, the ideas started forming on how to handle the trim in the Master Bathroom.

I was inspired by craftsman-style trim I’ve seen around the interwebs, and figured the best way to visualize this whole deal was to sketch it out on the computer-machine. Like so:Beadboard_Detail Once that received approval from Bossman, he ripped a few pieces of 1/4″ plywood for me. I cut them to size (length-wise), and used my handy-dandy nail gun… I affixed the plywood to the paneling so the top edges would be flush with each other. Plywood Addition2_HouseofGold

Oh, but before that happened, I had to trim down the corner-edges that were previously installed by previous owner. Previously.Plywood Addition_HouseofGold

So then I found this small trim, which is probably 3/4″x1″. Under the plywood, I rotated the wood so that it wouldn’t stick out as far from the wall. Above the plywood (and fixed directly to the wall), I rotated it the opposite way, giving us a little more of a ledge up top.Trim Addition_HouseofGold

The corners were mitred (cut at a 45* angle), so they would fit snugly with each other. Because nothing in our house is exactly a right angle (or level. or flush.), this is where caulk and wood filler came to our rescue. Trim Caulking_HouseofGold

And because it was a tricky spot for us, here’s how we handled the whole light switch thing… We basically framed it in. The other option was to cut a hole in the wall, run the wiring up to the new spot, and basically re-install the whole shebang. This was a much simpler option.

Detailing Nailed_HouseofGold

I went around the whole bathroom and wood-filler-ed all the holes from the nail gun, sanded, filled, sanded, primed, filled, sanded, primed, and then painted a few coats. Detailing Putty_HouseofGoldAnd because I think it’s funny, I thought I should tell you that the paneling was never painted. It was purchased pre-primed, and then left that way. So I figured I might as well paint the heck outta that. And the bathroom door, which was once a nice pink hue.

So there you go. The paneling looks finished now.


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