In other weird news: I made a pillow out of a fur coat.

True story. You see, I was up in the attic one day… probably “organizing” things. Which means I was looking for things to get rid of. (It’s so oddly satisfying to me to get rid of things.) And I came across a white plastic garbage bag that held a fur coat. It’s been in that bag since we moved. We pack really well.

In fact, J wore this fur coat to a Halloween party on the night that I kinda sorta started to figure out that he perhaps maybe had the hots for me. And so it must go down in History.

Fur Coat_HouseofGoldAlso, I had to stand on a stool to get this picture. I’m short. Also, I need to clean the mirror. Again. Also, my Mother and Father own the same quilt that we do.

Ringo Pillow_HouseofGoldAs Ringo is so nobly showing us, this is the old pillow I was wanting to use. I bought it at Target on clearance last winter, and the fabric was busting loose from the center button.

This tutorial explains the process better than I, but I generally followed the same basic steps. (And Michelle also has a dog that needs constant attention. Like this guy below.)

Lennon Pillow_HouseofGoldSo basically, I used a seam ripper and took the entire jacket apart, leaving me with three large sections. The back and the two sides, in case you were wondering. Here, you can see one of the sides where a pocket used to be.  (Side note: Fur coats are really gross and messy when ripped apart.)Pinning Pocket_HouseofGoldI took the back of the jacket and trimmed it in to a square. Then laid it on the floor with the fur facing up. Then I took the sides of the jacket and placed them fur-to-fur and sewed along the edges. Reassemble_HouseofGoldFold one side in toward the middle and fold the exposed edge back just a little. (About 1.5″ will do.) Then take the other side of the jacket and place it atop your pile of goodness and pin along those edges as well. (No folding the edges necessary for this side).  Then sew along the two edges.

Pillow Sewed_HouseofGoldNow, fold that bad boy inside out and stuff your pillow form inside. VIOLA.

A fur coat-pillow.

Fur Pillow_HouseofGold

Mr. Namath, your coat is next.

Linking up with Remodelaholic and Primitive and Proper. Does this even count? A Fur coat remodel? I vote Yes.

Linking up at The Makers Link Party, too!


6 thoughts on “In other weird news: I made a pillow out of a fur coat.

  1. I love your jacket remodel. 🙂 Extra awesome because the coat has a story. I’m kind of impressed that he wore a fur coat. I had trouble getting past that part of the story because I got really focused on trying to imagine my husband ever touching fur. He’s a really weird texture person. But anyway. Love the pillow and the pups!

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