The Master Bathroom- Vanity Cabinet edition

With the Kitchen nearing completion (we’re at about 90.9% right now… ahhhh!!!), we can focus our attentions back to the Master Bathroom.Remember when we started that and then stopped because the kitchen demanded that we finish it? Well. It’s time, little buddy. Time to shine.

This whole bathroom redo came about for a couple of reasons:

  • I hate being in that room. It feels dirty and gross.
  • I hate looking at the terrible construction and craftsmanship in there.
  • The shower seems cave-like.
  • The bathroom is devoid of any “finishing touches” to make it comfy.
  • The bathroom has ZERO storage space. A pedestal sink with no vanity cabinet, no shelving, and no “counter” space on the sink. Aka, ZERO function.

So, let’s go back to where the room was. I hated it specifically for this reason:     Cabinet Trim Before_HouseofGold Whoever installed the trim above the paneling was a silly old sillyhead (That’s for you, Marg!). Someone notched out a trim piece in order to slide the mirror into place. Also, the mirror had at least 9″ above it (until you reach the light fixture), therefore negating the entire purpose of notching the trim out. And because of the notch, the wood split (duh), and then it was caulked in place. Yay for DIY!

Once I took the mirror off, I found a hole. Surprise! A magical hole. (If we were to cut that drywall, we would have a secret passageway into the dining room.) Mirror Removed_HouseofGoldBecause it annoyed us beyond anything else, J removed the rest of the trim from the bathroom as well. We may or may not have burned it all in our fire pit. (Spoiler alert: We did.)

My first step (after the demo) in this bathroom re-do was to address that hole and build it in, creating a vanity cabinet of sorts. Oh, if you look closely in the following pictures, you can also see a smattering of drilled holes on the top 2×4 that frames the vanity hole. They lead to nowhere. And they serve no purpose. YAY DIY!

To fix this nonsense, I cut some 1/4″ plywood to fit the back, and strips of 1/4″ plywood to line the sides (Okay, let’s be honest. J cut those.). And because the hole was a smidge too deep for my liking, I added a couple shims to the back of the hole and then glued the plywood into place.Cabinet Back Panel_HouseofGold

Then I glued and nailed the sides into place. (Using our trusty nail gun.)Cabinet Side Panels_HouseofGoldI also nailed in some side supports (same concept that we used in the kitchen cubby-making), in case we want to add a shelf there at some point.

And then I framed out the edges with a very simple, low-profile casing.Cabinet Construction Complete_HouseofGold

Then, wood-filler and caulk into all the seams and crevices. Cabinet Caulk_HouseofGold

(Prime, Sand, fill, repeat.)Cabinet Primer Complete_HouseofGoldThat, honestly, drove me BANANAS to look at the ugly hole for the entire 2ish months the mirror was down. So glad that phase is complete. Don’t worry, this is only the primed phase. I don’t want to give away the finished product quite yet. Also because I haven’t taken pictures of the finished product quite yet. So there’s that. 🙂

AND! I made “the list”. Do I think I will win? NOPE. But it’s fun to be on the same list as those people I read like every day! What the heck am I talking about? Apartment Therapy hosts an awards thing every year. Like… the Oscars, except nobody has to get out of their stretchy pants to receive an award. So… wanna vote for me? YEAH?!? Cool. Click on over here, and scroll to the verrrry bottom of the list (because I have one vote. Thanks, Mom!), and click the +1 for me!

And just to be sure, here’s the link again:

And because they like nonsensical updates on bathrooms, I’m linking up here!


2 thoughts on “The Master Bathroom- Vanity Cabinet edition

  1. Congrats on making the list! That’s huge! I just spent like way too long browsing the list, and you twisted my arm. 😉 Totally voted for you. Woot!

    Also, this new medicine cabinet looks great! I wish we could rip ours out of our rental and try something like this… do we dare?!?

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