Four tiny boxes.

So you (hopefully) remember the cubbies that J created next to the stove. Well, it was never our intent to leave them empty… I had envisioned these four nice matching baskets that would slide ever-so-gracefully in and out of their holes in all their matching glory. But, well. The cubbies were too small for any of those baskets. Not because we mis-measured. But because we had to make the cubbies thinner in order to fit everything where it needed to be.         Cubbies Complete_HouseofGoldIn my most brilliant moment ever, a friend and I were perusing the Target after-Christmas clearance aisle and I found some wine bottle gift boxes and thought they’d be perfect! I cut them apart, spliced them together, and then quickly realized that it was a terrible idea. So that was nixed.First Box_HouseofGold

Then J just up and volunteered himself and his newfound woodworking skills to make these boxes out of leftover fence pickets. Hey, use what you got. He was able to whip these four boxes out in about 45 minutes, total. He cut three long pieces to the same size (bottom and two sides), and the two ends to the same size and then nailed them all together. Easy-peasy.Wood Boxes_HouseofGoldThen it was my turn. I started off by whitewashing them, using the same technique we tried out for our pallet wall. Basically, a 50/50 mixture of paint and water slapped on the wood haphazardly.Whitewashed Boxes_HouseofGoldAnd then I let those guys start drying.

Next step! The fabric liners. I discovered that I actually had some red ticking (same fabric used on the tufted bench, but red) just hanging out in my fabric bin. I don’t even remember when I bought it. Or why I bought it. Ummmm right. So I just went ahead and decided that was perfect. I just laid the fabric in a box to get a rough size estimate, and then I got the heck out of the garage. It’s cold out there.Fabric Liner_HouseofGoldFor the first insert, I made some crazy drawings on the wrong side of the fabric in order to figure out where seams would go and how to engineer this thing. And then I realized later that the marker bled through. Oops.

Anyway. This is going to get a bit confusing, so hopefully the pictures will help piece together where words fail. I sewed all four interior corner seams up until where the liner would fold over the top of the box. Fabric Liner Construction_HouseofGoldThen I put the fabric insert inside of the box to pin where I would need to sew along the edge for the liner to fit the box snugly. See?

Sewing Lining_HouseofGoldAfter the edge seam was complete, the liner was complete.

To finish the boxes, I cut a piece of felt to size and used spray-glue to adhere the felt to the bottom of the box.Felt Bottoms_HouseofGold

I used a leftover knob from the cabinets to make the boxes easier to pull in and out of their little homes. And ta-daaaaa! The cubbies have boxes. Cubby Finished_HouseofGoldCubby Complete_HouseofGold

Kitchen Cubby_HouseofGoldLinking up with Funky Junk Interiors!


5 thoughts on “Four tiny boxes.

  1. I love that you shared what didn’t work, because that’s the point I get all “waaaah” and give up. But Noah’s Ark wasn’t built in a day. So cool that you were able to use the leftover fence posts! They fit great!

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