Prepping for new counters. In 2 hours.

Normally, I’m pretty okay with it when snow decides to descend from the heavens. But this past week, I was decidedly NOT okay with it. In fact, snow and I had some words. You see, it started snowing at approximately 5:04pm on a Tuesday evening and continued LIKE A BANSHEE until the next morning. We ended up with about 10″ of snow. Which was supposed to be Counter Delivery Day. Virginia Beach is ill-equipped to handle the snow. In fact, our street was never actually plowed, despite the fact that there is an Elementary School ON OUR STREET. It’s kind of like the City just gave up after one day of plowing. They’re good at other things, though.Snowpocalypse_HouseofGold

Regardless. No counters. Luckily, we didn’t start removing and disassembling the old counter before snowpocalypse. We waited until the very last minute. Because all home improvement things go very well, if done at the last minute. (I just lied there.) Counters were rescheduled for Saturday morning-ish, which meant I COULD WATCH THE MENS INSTALL THE COUNTERS! Otherwise, I was depending on J to skeez on the dudes and make sure they installed everything correctly and take pictures. (Which they did.)

Saturday delivery also meant we could disassemble/ deconstruct/ demo our kitchen Friday night and Saturday morning, which left us kitchen-less for approximately 1/2 a day. Woot for Happy Accidents.

So. Let’s get to it.

The counters weren’t actually adhered to anything. Just resting atop the cabinets. Well, lies. The counters were adhered by proxy: the drain connected into the sink (obvs), and the water supply lines connected into the faucet (obvs again). Before we actually started on the demo, Lennon had to inspect it to make sure that J turned the electricity and water off (our water shutoff is at the street).Existing Counter_HouseofGoldSo we basically had to break that whole drain/ supply assembly apart (neatly) in order to remove the old counters and sink. Existing Drain_HouseofGoldFirst, J got out a saw and cut the PVC drain pipe below the recently installed garbage disposal. Just a reminder: put something under your drain to catch the excess water in your pipes. There will be excess water, no mater what (just hanging out in your trap, like it does.)Drain Cutting_HouseofGold

Btw, I find myself staring at him while he works. I mean, watching my beard be all manly and fix things… gets me. EVERY TIME. He only occasionally gets creeped out by my staring… *sigh*J Under Sink_HouseofGold

So once the drains were all disassembled, we stuffed a rag in the end of the drain pipe (see above). Drains can get pretttty stinky, and the rag seems to do the trick.

He then removed the garbage disposal, which was adhered to the sink with a clamp and a couple of screws. We left it connected to the electrical source, since it would be re-installed into the new sink. (This is why you turn off your electricity.)Disposal Removal_HouseofGold

Then he went about unscrewing all of the supply lines: the lines from the hot/ cold up to the faucet, the copper water line to the fridge, and the supply line to the dishwasher. This was fairly quick- just a couple of turns and all of those nuts will release. Water Line Disconnect_HouseofGold

Now the part that made me a little nervous: the copper water supply lines. We needed to add another valve (shutoff) to both the hot and cold lines. The existing valves were old and were starting to fail. So we heard about these crazy valves called a sharkbite. Essentially, it connects unlike supply lines to each other. I say “unlike”, which means copper to pex (that flexi-plastic). Or some such combination.

J was reminded by his contractor friend to put gloves on for this stage, since the copper gets sharp. I mean, it’s metal. And you’re cutting it. So be careful. He also borrowed this copper cutter, which essentially works the same as a wine-foil-cutter thing. Copper Cutter_HouseofGold

Once the valve assemblies have been cut off, J took this gauze-y strip of something that is like a coarse sandpaper to knock off any burrs. Then he took the strip of paper that looks a heck of a lot more like sandpaper, and smoothed out the cut edge even further. Copper Sanding_HouseofGoldCopper Trim_HouseofGold

Then he took those crazy sharkbite assemblies and with a quarter turn, they were held tight to the copper with no leaks. (CRAZY easy process. J would most likely recommend watching a youtube video of this before you give it a go, though.) Sharkbite_HouseofGoldSo once all that nonsense under the sink was complete, we literally just lifted the counter off and hauled it outside into the yard. (Yes, it is still sitting there… :/) Counterless_HouseofGold

With 50 years of gross, we found some little treats hanging out in between the counter and wall.

Counterless Gross_HouseofGoldWe just took a shopvac to that nast and scraped down anything that could possibly interfere with the new counter. I also spackled some of the walls that were covered by the backsplash.

So with that, we were all set for the new counters!

Kitchen progress link-up here!


3 thoughts on “Prepping for new counters. In 2 hours.

  1. I would LOVE to replace our counters! We live in a rental with like 50 year old counters also, and I dream about ripping them out all the time. Apparently your snow is heading our way right now!

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