A shiny new fancy counter.

Guys, it still doesn’t seem real. And it doesn’t seem like I should get this excited about a counter. But I am. It seems too nice… almost like we should move to another house that has a 50-year old kitchen, because that’s what we’re used to. Counters Before_HouseofGoldCounters Before Detail_HouseofGoldBut this! This is bliss. Counters After_HouseofGoldWe spent a while researching options of what we wanted and didn’t want in our fancy kitchen. And just to be clear, we aren’t affiliated with any of these products. We just plain ol fell in love with them.


We wanted something with a high neck and a pull-out sprayer in an Oil Rubbed Bronze finish. And obviously something that fit the style of the house. We ended up selecting the Delta Leland faucet, which checked all of our boxes.Faucet Installed_HouseofGoldSink:

I grew increasingly more angry with the sink we had. The two bowl situation just didn’t work for me anymore. In fact, they never really worked. I found myself awkwardly wielding a cookie sheet just to get a splash of water on the far corner. Entonces, they never really got a good wash. I did really like the cast iron we had previously- the ability for it to be scrubbed and look all shiny and new again was way fun. And they seem like they’re built for the long haul. For this, we selected the Kohler Bakersfield.Single Bowl_HouseofGoldCounters:

Here is where we dabbled in about a thousand different options. We considered granite, butcher block, and even a refinished bowling alley. But in the end, we settled on Quartz because of the no-upkeep, and the regularity of the pattern (vs. a granite with movement in it). We chose Cambria Quartz in Tenby Cream.Counter Detail_HouseofGoldBacksplash:

Still debating! HELP US! Moroccan (option A)Moroccan Option_HouseofGold or Octagon (option B)? Octagon Option_HouseofGoldEnough chit chat. MORE PICTURES!

Counters After2_HouseofGoldTulips_HouseofGoldNext time, we’ll tell you what we did to prep for these counters.

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15 thoughts on “A shiny new fancy counter.

  1. Absolutely Fabulous!!! My vote is Moroccan. Thank you for sharing. You will be one of the features tomorrow at The Round-Up from the Before and After Wednesday party. Pop on in tomorrow to check out your feature! Hope to see you again at the bash on Wednesday! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  2. I think I may just be weird and want to be against the popular choice, but I like octagon. They’re both classic shapes, but Moroccan is just one of those patterns that run the risk of being too trendy and then not (and then back to trendy again). I think you could be happy with either one!

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