Light up those counters!

In an extra attempt to illuminate my work surfaces and finish out the remaining kitchen tasks before the counters arrived, J and I finally pulled the trigger on some undercabinet lighting. Well, really, I bought some of those tap-light things from Sam’s Club that looked like fun, but were not quite what J wanted in the long run. (They had a blue-ish tint, and J cannot STAND that.)

So. We found this package full of goodness on Amazon for a whopping 25 bones. The package comes with a dimmer, transformer, and a 25-foot section of LED (warm spectrum) strip lights. While I slaved over a hot stove and made our dinner, J decided to install them. (Which means this project took all of 30 minutes to complete.)Light Pack_HouseofGold (See? proof that I was making dinner. My shoes are in the background of this pic.)

First, he got out the tools he would need. Drill (+ bit), scissors, pen, and that’s about all. Undercabinet Lighting Supplies_HouseofGoldSince these lights plug in, we decided to drill a hole in the back of our wall cabinet for the cord to sneak into. And we’d use the plug that resided right behind the fridge. J measured the diameter of the cord/ plug and found his corresponding drill bit and set to it. Transformer Plug_HouseofGoldThen he grabbed some double sided sticky tape (we just used an old 3-M adhesive strip we had laying around), and mounted the dimmer to the inside of the cabinet.Dimmer Switch_HouseofGold He drilled another hole near the front of the cabinet for the dimmer to attach to the strip of lights.

Then he peeled off the backside of the strip (they’ve got adhesive on one side), and stickumed it up to the underside of the cabinets.Installing Light Strip_HouseofGold

Bada Bam, Bada Bing! Lights! (To highlight the old counters and spackled walls, of course.)Undercabinet Lighting Complete_HouseofGoldIt’s Tuesday, so I’m linking up here!

And linking up to Wednesday’s Dueling DIY: Clash of the Kitchens here!


*Link to the lights is an Amazon Affiliate link. YAY.


10 thoughts on “Light up those counters!

  1. These lights are great. We do not have an outlet that would provide a hidden electrical source, but I am going to keep this in mind. Maybe my husband can come up with the solution. He is my ideas man. Because after seeing this I really want some under cabinet lighting!

    • Jessica- Our other option (since our backsplash area was already ripped up from moving the electrical) was to run a wire from one of the outlets up inside one of the cabinets to create a plug there. It’s funny how much of a difference a little bit of light can make!

  2. So awesome! Maybe I can talk my uncle into installing these (just so I have one more thing off the list!).

  3. Hi Kellylynn, found you via Twirl and Take a Bow. Aren’t these lights the best? We put some under the cabinets in our media room, a.k.a. the ManCave. Good idea, running the cord through the back of the cabinet! Thanks for sharing your tutorial. Val

  4. My husband just did something similar in our kitchen last year using a set from Ikea, and it makes SUCH a difference! We had to run the plug to our only socket in the kitchen, which is literally in the middle of one of our walls, so he bought that cord tubing stuff that you stick to the wall to make it go in a straight line. Anyway, it looks better than I’m making it sound. But it was a great solution for anyone that can’t hide their plug.

    I really like how this came out in your kitchen! It looks great!

  5. I’ve been thinking about doing this for years and years but had never seemed to find the right information on how to plug in the lights via a transformer. Thanks to your link (and then some quick research) I’ve just been able to find the same product available for the voltage in my country. This will really help me in my kitchen as the position of the overhead light means I’m often looking into my own shadow when cooking. I’d also never considered plugging it into the microwave’s socket inside one of the cupboards. This will really save the plug from being on show. Such great ideas. Thanks so much for the inspiration.

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