Kitchen construction: Complete

I really really really never thought this day would come. The day that I could say that the kitchen is finished. And, to be honest, that day is not today.

BUT. 🙂 We’re so close!!

We left off here, where everything was basically wood fill-ered, sanded, primed, filled, sanded, filled, sanded, primed, and ready to go. Which resulted in a lot of sawdust.

Kitchen Cubbies_HouseofGoldAlso, we bought one of these to help ourselves out.

So. We painted everything. And now it looks like this.

Cubbies Complete_HouseofGold Cubby Boxes_HouseofGold Microwave Shelves_HouseofGold Stove Cubbies_HouseofGold

We were supposed to get our countertops delivered/ installed on Wednesday, but we  got around 10″ of snow. Which means they’re coming on Saturday morning instead.

There is just a little bit more to complete in the kitchen once the counters get installed!

  • Create bins to fit inside the cubbies
  • Trim down a door for the slots to the left of the stove
  • Finish the backsplash (Paint for now!)
  • Install drain/ garbage disposal in [new] kitchen sink
  • Install new faucet and waterlines

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