I love coffee. Coffee, coffee, coffee.

**Way sorry, friends. The kitchen pics weren’t quite ready yet. Hopefully they’ll be done-zo by Thursday. Which may or may not include a BRAND NEW COUNTER. Hopefully. As long as it doesn’t #snowmageddon. On to the real stuff!**

In the midst of construction and building and nails and spackle and sanding in the kitchen, I like to make something pretty. Last week, I showed you the tufted bench. This week, a coffee filter wreath. Which cost around $2 to make. #worthit.

I had an old wreath form with a bunch of crazy Christmas bows on it that I promptly removed… occasionally, there are failures from long ago that somehow stay around. And shouldn’t. Regardless, the form was quickly ready to go.Wreath Form_HouseofGold

I gathered the rest of my supplies:

  • bag of white (bleached) coffee filters. You’ll pretty much use up 4/5 of the bag. Or so.
  • Glue gun/ glue sticks (I think I used 1.5-2 sticks of glue)
  • Corn tortilla

Let your glue gun heat up while you prep your supplies. And let it drip on the corn tortilla. Really, there is no purpose for the corn tortilla other than the fact that we had them for dinner and they were still on the table when I started to craft. And I was too lazy to get up and grab a paper plate. Corn tortillas are quite useful.Tortillas Last Stand_HouseofGold

Once the glue is warm, start by making a cone-ish shape with your coffee filter. Like so.Wreath Making_HouseofGold

Then glue it down.

Repeat aforementioned step around six thousand times.Coffe Filter Mashing_HouseofGold

Done!      Wreath Complete_HouseofGoldWreath Detail_HouseofGoldWreath Detail2_HouseofGoldLinking up here: http://www.houseontheway.com/twirl-take-bow-party-77/


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