It’s Cubby-time!

When I was like threeish years old, I was in this Church group thing called Awana (no “s”). I learned Bible verses and other important things. Like playing and running and such. It’s also where I probably broke my nose, but we have no real evidence of that. Except for this photo. (Also, my Brother was a baller and wore 3 piece suits and you just needed to see this.)       WarnerKids_HouseofGold

Regardless, anytime I hear “cubby”, I think of the song we used to sing…

You’re welcome.

So this post will most likely get split in a couple… because it’s intense. And when I say intense, there were just a lot of steps to creating the cubbies to surround the new range, and the shelves that were in the once-wall-oven-spot. Here’s where we left off:Kitchen Cutout Before_HouseofGold

Remember the original plan?Kitchen_Design_Prelim

So we first constructed the slots to the left of the range. In my brain, these two much-narrower slots (top and bottom) would house cookie sheets and possibly cutting boards. I also knew I wanted the total width of that countertop to be no less than 4″ wide. After we moved the stove from it’s [new] home for the day, we got to work and cut 3/4″ plywood to basically create a wall next to the range. We also had to notch the plywood out a bit to snuggle in to the tile and create a toekick.Side Measuring and Cuts_HouseofGoldOnce that was cut, we also cut supports for a shelf. (Depth of the entire shelf, just in case that was confusing.) We also went ahead and cut the shelf itself, knowing the depth and width it would need to be, based on the width of the bottom shelf.

We then brought out the nail gun to secure the shelf supports to both sidewalls. Still with me? Cool. After that, the shelf could rest on top of the supports. (We nailed it in, just to be sure.)Cabinet Sides_HouseofGoldThen came the finishing of this side… we cut trim pieces (we reused trim pieces that were demo-ed out earlier) to cover up the faces of the shelves. But because nothing in our house seems to be level or plumb, we had to use a couple of shims to get the trim pieces flush with the existing cabinetry.Adding Trim_HouseofGold The process for the right side of the range is very similar. We just had to cut more supports and shelves (obviously), and spaced them evenly for the height of the cabinet.Cubbies Made_HouseofGoldSo once you get all the pieces in place for these shelves and the trim pieces on, it looks a little rough. This is the [most] discouraging part, because it looks like you just spent all this time creating a piece of junk that you’ll have to live with for years. But hark! All is not lost! Wood filler and caulk to the rescue. (Still lookin rough.)Wood Filler_HouseofGoldThe shelving process was very similar for the microwave cabinet (where the wall oven once resided). Nail in the side and back supports, cut shelf to correct width and depth, nail that in to place. Add trim, wood filler, sand, wood filler again, sand, blah blah blah. BTW, this is a very dusty process. We now own three different types of vacuums to combat this situation.

So here we go! This is about halfway through the shelving process. Kitchen Cubbies_HouseofGold

Am I going to make you wait until next time to see how it turned out? YES. I know the anticipation will drive you bananas. Or not.

Also, in case you’re wondering, countertops are scheduled to arrive next Wednesday. Let’s all rejoice. No, but for real.


7 thoughts on “It’s Cubby-time!

  1. Kelly, I love your writing. You are able to make the boring- interesting! The cubbie’s song brought back memories and I’m impressed that you remember the words. I laughed at the pic of your dogs looking out of the window while you do your crafts. Of course, who wouldn’t laugh at the two pics you posted here of the broken nose and the 3 piece suit. Keep blogging! Soo Clarendon

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