The Magical Door Disappearing Act.

After we tiled the kitchen floor, we realized we still had to figure out a few things before we could get the transition pieces in place (there are three total- one into the cabin, one into the living room, and one into the dining room). Going from the kitchen into the dining room, there used to be a pocket door. But once we removed the wall/ created the opening into the living room, that pocket door rendered itself useless. Oh, and it never worked. As in… we could never get it to budge from its spot inside the wall. Hopelessly stuck. Pocket Door Before_HouseofGold

The only way to remove this door was to literally tear out the wall that was hiding this door, and cut it out. Jaws-of-life style. And that was not necessarily something we felt needed to be done. Mom long ago suggested that we just cover it up. At first, I was all…

But then I came around to the idea. Build it in, I said! J and I went through a LOT of different options with how to build it in. Literally, we brought home three different types of trim pieces, attempting to settle on what we wanted.

In the end, though, we settled on plain old 1/4″ plywood strips cut to the width of the door frame. How did such a simple solution come about, you ask? Well. We had dinner at our friend’s house one night, and they’ve got a similarly-aged home. And most of their doorways (not hiding pocket doors) had a very simple, clean look to them. And I liked it.

So. J cut a few strips to the correct width using our table saw. He then cut it to the full length of the entire door frame and then notched out the step from the wood floor to the tile. Plywood Install_HouseofGoldThen he took the nail gun and went to town with each of the three pieces of plywood, securing them in to place. Nailing Plywood_HouseofGoldOnce that was complete, we could finally get around to the transition. The step from the wood up to the tile is too tall for the transition piece, but with a piece of lattice stained to match and slipped up under it, we have the perfect height to make the transition level. J top-nailed that in to place, and viola! Floor Transition_HouseofGold

After the transition was down, I filled all the nail holes (in the plywood), primed the frame, and painted it a couple times with our trim paint of choice. BOOM. Can’t even tell. Hidden Pocket Door_HouseofGoldLinking up with some of our faves!


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