Sorting the Electrics in a kitchen.

I follow this blog, and they’re from England (or somewhere that’s not America). And they refer to projects as “sorting”… as in… the plumbing needs to get sorted before the fireplace can be refinished… and I just think that’s appropriate. So before we could be functional in the kitchen, we had to “sort” a few things.

Our electrician-friend came out to help us wire for the stove. And when I say “help us”, I mean “do it for us.” I don’t mess around with electricity. Especially in the 220-volt range. Noooo thank you. He added an extra outlet by the refrigerator, making two on the long countertop-wall, and added an actual plug where the microwave would sit. (There was existing wiring for the wall oven, but no actual plug.) Additionally, we wanted him to add the outlet for the range, but when he showed up, he sadly informed us that we needed to hire the big guys for that job. (Also, I have a lot of sanding and re-spackling to do.) Moving WiringElectrical_movingHe wrapped up his tasks, and then we brought out more electricians for the range-wiring. That actually was a lot more intense than I originally thought it was going to be. They had to run brand new wires from a brand new breaker to the site where the Range would sit (under the house through the crawl space). And when the wiring runs about $3 a [linear] foot, we were prepared to drop some cash.

Unfortunately, there’s not a whole lot in this stage that you can DIY. And I am certainly not about to crawl under the house to help run that wire. Nope, not me. So I was perfectly happy to pay someone for that.

They also had to come out twice to our house. The first time, two days before Christmas. They kind of used the old wiring to allow us some functionality with the stove (we could only use one element or oven at a time), helping us out with our Christmas food-ing. Basically, the existing wiring would only carry a certain amount of power, not letting us use multiple things on the stove at once. Otherwise, the breaker would trip. But a single burner on the cooktop or the small oven would suffice for us for a few days. They then returned  to finish the job, run the brand new wire, and give us a shiny new plug right where it should be. Also, they were real nice and let me paint things while they electrified things. Win-win.

So now… Sanding, spackling, sanding, spackling, priming, spackling, priming, and then painting. In that order. Which is, notably, the messiest job ever in the history of ever.


2 thoughts on “Sorting the Electrics in a kitchen.

  1. I’m about to remodel a 1950s kitchen. Would you be willing to tell me about how much you paid for the electircal work? I’m trying to estimate our costs. Thanks!

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