How to fix a bad caulking job…

We’re going to take a quick break from the kitchen demo for this Public Service Announcement. Actually, really, I just finally got extremely grossed out with the state of our Hall Bathroom. Remember when we made it all pretty and painted it and added shelving and it was glorious? Well. I didn’t show you the nast part of it. Our previous Owners have left us with some lovely party gifts… Like nasty cabinets, asbestos-laced linoleum, termite damage, etc etc etc. Which is actually helpful for us. We keep repeating to each other and to ourselves that we want to actually do it right, rather than just add on to the mistakes of the prior owners. [End Rant] Also, pre-apologize for a couple of gross pictures coming up.

So, people, if you’re going to caulk like this, just… don’t. Just put the caulk down and walk away. And if you’re going to use caulk where you should have grouted, just. Stop. Bad Caulking_HouseofGold

But don’t walk away! Caulking is easy! It doesn’t have to look like this! It’s sooooo easy. Seriously. All the supplies you will need are a scraper, a tube of caulk, your finger, and a towel. You don’t need those fancy caulk-scrapers or nonsense… unless you like spending money on unnecessary supplies that you will inevitably misplace for the next time you need them.

So first up, recognize a bad caulking job. Then shake your head and say “no, no, no.”14 Fierce Contributions Miranda Priestly Has Made To GIF Culture

Then get out a scraper and remove it. A scraper could be anything from a chisel (although this is a little too much), to a razor blade, to a spackling knife, which just so happens to be my tool of choice. Caulk Scraping_HouseofGoldRemove all the offensive areas of caulk.Caulk Removed_HouseofGoldNext, grab your tube of caulk. Since this is a bathroom, I chose the mold and mildew resistant kind. If it’s in the rest of the [interior] of the house, you should be fine with just a regular old paint-grade caulk. I also just wanted a plain old white. (It can come in a couple different colors.) To get the caulk started, you cut the tip of it off at an angle. (The tip has guides on it of where to cut.)Caulk Bottle_HouseofGold

Then, start squeezing that stuff in to the spots that need filling. You’ll start to get the hang of it as to how much pressure to squeeze with, but if not, no biggie. Once you’ve squeezed caulk in some of the spaces that need it, chill for a sec. (You don’t want to try to caulk the entire seam at once.) Take your finger and smoosh the caulk in. This will also give you a cleaner line between the edges. Caulk and Smoosh_HouseofGold

It still won’t be that pretty, though. Once you use your finger to smoosh, grab a damp rag and run it along the seam, cleaning up the excess.Wipe Excess_HouseofGoldThen repeat the squeezing/ smooshing process until it’s done. Then look at how pretty it is and walk away and  let it dry. Boom. Done. You’re amazing.New Caulk_HouseofGold A thousand times better.


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6 thoughts on “How to fix a bad caulking job…

  1. You’re right, if you’re not going to do it right, walk away! Great pics of how to do it! Thanks!
    Pam & Randy (not your parents, in case you couldn’t tell!)

  2. Number one, I like your nail polish. Number two, I’m getting up the guts to tackle this. Number three, now it’s Mark’s turn to read. Thanks!

  3. I have a bathroom very similar to yours. A nasty wreck with horrid caulking as well. I didn’t realize you could just scrape it off and redo it. On my list now for sure, thanks!

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