Kitchen Demo (again)

So here’s the deal. Demo is usually the “let’s get crazy and trash everything” phase in house remodeling. This time, however, was different. We decided we’d like to salvage the cooktop and too-small wall oven and craigslist them. Make some mwooonies off of the old stuff to help pay for the new stuff, right? Well. Here’s how we go about that.

First up, you want to be sure the power is completely off to said appliance. Green means Go. Green Means GoAfter that has been established, there’s a little screw that is holding all the wiring in place. Remove that, and then pull the wires out. (After disconnecting them from the source– basically, untwisting them after removing the wire nut.) Removing WiresThen. Deep breath. Be verrrry careful and scrape up the caulk that is surrounding the cooktop. It’s basically glue, but not really. Score it, then scrape it. Ever so slowly. You may have to push the cooktop up from the bottom a bit and re-score the caulk. But really. Who am I kidding? After being so so so careful with the cooktop and taking my time and being careful and everything else, this happened. It’s possible that I said the “D” word. AVERT YOUR EYES, MOTHER.Cooktop Removal

Ergo, no longer salvageable. So then this happened, because I got annoyed, and well… why the heck not. I’ll [hopefully] never be able to do this again.Cooktop DemoThe wall oven, however, was a mite bit easier. I mean, the door didn’t come off, as “people” said it would. (People refers to the internet.) Instead, J and I found a couple of these handy screws that were holding the entire wall oven in place. Off they go! Off it goes! And then we sold it. BOOM.

And then we were left with two giant holes. NBD. Demo CompleteBut also, can we just agree that people need to start cleaning things a bit more? This is nasty. NASTY.       Kitchen GrossNext phase… electrical and Rebuilding!


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