The Truth of it All…

Remember when I posted about the Master Bathroom being our next project? And even made a mood board of sorts? And then went ahead and partially ripped the bathroom apart, so now it looks like this?

Master_Bath_2013And then remember how I get distracted easily and shift gears in negative 2 seconds to a different project? Well.

This arrived at our house on a Tuesday. Dining Room RangeIt does not belong in the Master Bathroom. It actually belongs in the Kitchen. Surprise! Well, we were fortunate enough to get some gracious and kind and wonderful and surprising Christmas bonuses this year. One of which is the gift of new countertopssWHOOAAA!!! I honestly figured this project wouldn’t start until about… say…. 4 more years. But things started to fall in to place like cute precious unique little snowflakies. (Each one is different, yo.) What the heck was I just talking about? Kitchen. Right.

So new countertops= new sink = new faucet= we don’t want a cooktop and 24″ wall oven, so we bought a new stove= now we have to remove said appliances and reconfigure the cabinets. I got my nerd on and drew up a quick little doodle on SketchUp (a free google program!), so J and I could both be on the same page about what we wanted the new configuration to look like.

Kitchen_Design_PrelimAnd just as a refresher, this is what the configuration looked like before..

Kitchen DemoSo, while we wait on the countertops, we figured we’d use our time wisely to demo, construct and finish out the cabinets. And then the electricians will come back to fully finish wiring for the stove. And then the countertop guys could come back and make a template of where the new buddy will go. And then we would get everything new installed- sink! faucet! stove! countertop that doesn’t shock me every time I wash dishes! Excuse me. I just got so excited.

We had been dreaming of counters and backsplashes and stoves for an entire year, so to finally think that this project could hypothetically be complete by the end of the month?

We’ve actually already selected the countertops and paid the deposit, purchased the sink and faucet, and the stove is (obviously) here. Curious to see how it’ll all turn out? Yeah, we are too. Follow on Instagram or check out our Pinterest for some sneak peaks.

Come back and we’ll talk about building out the cabinets with cubbies and compartments and open shelving (ish) and things that omg omg omg I love. And yay because the KITCHEN WILL BE COMPLETE SOOOOOONNNNNN. But you can also expect kind-of related projects in the meantime before the final reveal.



5 thoughts on “The Truth of it All…

  1. Love the Sketch Up. A poor man’s version of auto cad? Looks like a handy tool for that stuff. And your buddy at the end is what I always image when I hear someone “danced a jig”. I think he invented that term. Looking forward to the small cabinets on each side of the stove and new counter tops!

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    • It’s such an awesome tool! Two tips: it’s way better/ easier if you have a mouse, and to help you figure out how to use it, look up “the sketchup show” on podcasts. It’s super helpful.

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