Year 1 in Review.

People, it’s really hard to believe that we’ve been in our house for exactly one year. In a lot of ways, it seems like we’ve been there for 5 years. And in some ways, it feels like we’ve only been here a couple of months. But it’s helpful (for us, at least) to remember how far we’ve come since moving in. This might be a lengthy post, so hold tight. But there are pictures. And pictures make everything better.

The Exterior:Exterior_2012lIt started out with weirdly-placed plants, uneven ground, and three spots without a fence. One of J’s very first house projects was to finish off the fence (for the animals to roam freely). Throughout the year, we’ve accomplished the following:

Exterior_2013Left to do:

  • Create a secret garden under the magnolia tree in the back (including a dog house for Lennon?!?!)
  • Build a kickin deck
  • Level the yard and rid it of the incessant mole-problem, which relates to the incessant dogs-digging-trenches-problem (we hear that getting rid of grubs will take care of the mole problem?)
  • Add flowers. Last year, we focused on the larger bushes. This year, the fun stuff.
  • Add some pizazz to the front porch ceiling
  • Build shutters around windows & add window boxes
  • Add a couple of real-life garden beds (for veggies), and possibly a compost pile

Living Room:Living Room 2012 Living Room2_2012Living Room 3_2012Accomplished:

Living Room_2013 Living Room2_2013 Entryway_2013Left to do:

  • Have floor guy come back out to fix the warped wood
  • Finish floor transitions into kitchen
  • Crown Moulding? One day, perhaps.
  • Add hooks or shelves to the entryway for leashes?
  • Sew slipcover for couch
  • Make coffee table into tufted bench
  • Repaint TV Credenza

Dining Room:Dining Room_2012lAccomplished:

Dining Room_2013Left to do:

  • Finish floor transition to kitchen (including covering up the pocket door)
  • Possibly replace window with french doors leading out onto [new] deck


Kitchen2_2013Kitchen3_2013Kitchen_2013Left to do:

  • New countertops! (New sink + Faucet, too)
  • Remove old cooktop and wall oven, replace with freestanding Range
  • Rework cabinetry surrounding range and where oven used to be
  • Add under-cabinet lighting
  • Add backsplash (tile)
  • Paint kitchen island
  • Fix the whole issue where the drawer and the dishwasher get into a fight every time the drawer opens
  • Stick a fork in it.

Cabin/ Man Cave:Cabin2_2012Cabin_2012


  • Prime/ paint
  • Refinish Hardwood Floors
  • Replaced closet hardware
  • Replace ceiling fan

Cabin_2013Left to do:

  • Beef up the mantle?
  • Replace or paint the door to the backyard?
  • Paint closet interior/ add functional shelving
  • Finish floor transition
  • Paint pocket door/ replace hardware



Garage3_2013Garage_2013Garage2_2013Left to do:

  • Clean up said shelving and work benches occasionally
  • Perhaps add cabinetry or shelving above the Laundry area?


Hallway_2013Left to do:

  • Paint the closet interiors

Craft Room:Craft Room_2012Accomplished: (sorry, no real “after photo… it’s a bit of a disaster right now.)

Left to do:

  • Paint/ prime trim
  • Paint ceiling
  • Paint closet
  • Sew curtains for closet
  • Replace outlets

Guest Room:Guest_2012


Guest Room_2013Guest Room2_2013Left to do:

  • I have no plans for this room yet. It’s at the verrry bottom of my list! 🙂

Hall Bathroom:Hall Bath_2012Accomplished:

Hall Bath_2013Hall Bath2_2013Left to do:

  • Tile floor
  • Paint vanity cabinet

Master Bedroom/ Closet:Master Bedroom_2012MBR2_2012MasterCloset_2012


Master Bedroom_2013 Master Bedroom2_2013 Master Bedroom3_2013

Left to do:

  • Change out side tables for something taller/ wider/ more substantial

Master Bathroom:MBA_2012Accomplished:

  • Remove wall mirror
  • Remove weird trim pieces
  • Add wall outlets
  • Add vent fan

Master_Bath_2013Left to do:

  • Spackle/ sand walls
  • Add trim around beadboard
  • Add shelving above toilets
  • Add shelving in mysterious medicine cabinet hole
  • Tile floor
  • Replace pedestal sink with cabinet/ sink
  • Replace light
  • Paint
  • Sew shower curtain

We’re so grateful for this house and the gift of being able to use it to entertain, host, and make others feel welcome. And crazily enough, I feel like it’s been really good for our marriage. We’ve learned triggers for frustration for each other, how to communicate clearly and effectively, and a whole host of other things. We can’t wait to see what 2014 brings. 🙂

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