Christmas Cards – 2013

You know when your pre-husband is in someone’s wedding in Nashville and you go too, since you’re engaged and then you see the wedding and meet the groom & bride and know that you’ll instantly be friends with her because her wedding is fantastic and you two have similar styles? Or does that just happen to me? Well, whatever. I met Chaz & Caroline *basically* on their wedding day. Errrr the day before, but that’s essentially the same thing to people who are getting married, since the weekend is all a blur anyway.

The first time I saw Caroline, she was wearing a wedding dress at her rehearsal. At first, I thought… this crazy girl! What in the world? And then I hear that she re-fashioned her Mother’s old wedding dress to wear for her rehearsal. And then I knew. I just knew. And then the wedding… every detail was perfect, things were hand-crafted, and again… I just knew.

They got preggers pretty quickly after the wedding, and their preciousface little baby girl was born about 2 months premature (talk about stressful), and is now a smiling, happy little girl that rarely cries. But for real. They came to visit us a couple weeks ago, and I didn’t hear baby Ella legit cry at all. Chaz is finishing up Med School and is getting ready to start residencies (he was interviewing at one near us), and Caroline holds down the fort, keeps Ella entertained, and runs a business on the side. NBD. She does web design (heyoooo, bloggers!), graphic design, and any other kind of design you could want. In fact, she’s got her own little etsy shop riiiight here.

The FauselsAnd she created our Christmas Card for this year! YAY! She was able to use our photos from Melissa’s Trash the Dress Shoot, and created the plaid background. Well, I should start from the beginning. She had us create a Mood Board on Pinterest (found here), and then she went from there. We got about 8 options to select from and narrow down, and then VIOLA! A magical Christmas Card was born.

Gold_Christmas_2013Want to see more of Caroline’s designs? She’s on Facebook and Etsy, so check her stuff out!


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