Santa’s Coming! I know him!

We finally put our decorations up! After going to Augusta for Thanksgiving and having some really fun friends visit us earlier in the weekend (more on this soon!), we got our decorating hats on and went to town on Sunday. I had been furiously prepping throughout the week/end so we could basically just plop things down, call it a day, and watch some Suits. (OMG, does anyone watch this show? You need to. HARVEY SPECTER.)

We’re going to get to [yet] another tutorial next time, but here is where we talked about the DIY Ornament Wreath, here is where we talked about the No-Sew Burlap Garland, and here is where we talked about the Pallet wall. The Pallet wall has nothing to do with Christmas decorations, really. I just felt awkward making a list with only two items on it.

First stop is the front porch. I apologize for the photo being taken in COMPLETE DARKNESS, but I leave for work when it’s dark and get home from work when it’s dark, and it was raining (hard) during the weekend. Oh, and Lennon doesn’t have opposable thumbs with which to take the pics for me. {jerk} I’ll attempt a daylight shot later. The porch was set up around these awesome “marquee letters” I crafted out of foamcore and posterboard (again, tutorial on Thursday), and supplemented with a whole lot of random junk we had or found. Including firewood.Hope ExteriorWe bought the sled at an estate sale last year, and it is a perfect addition for some swag.  Sled_Porch The little black table close to the Letter “H”? It was left by the previous owners of the house in the attic. It’s broken and dusty and nasty and perfect for a front porch. (Thanks, guys. No thanks for the other things you left behind, though.) The wreath was crafted by tying some greenery from the backyard on to a wire wreath form, following the tutorial I found here. And then there’s Ugga. The newest member of our family that I mentioned here. I’ve been dying to find J one of these for over a year now, and managed to locate one when we went through Athens over Thanksgiving. Porch with UggaInside, we put up a perfectly-sized Christmas tree. Would you believe me if I told you it was only $30? Nope? Well it was. **side note… my Dad and I were banned (by my Mom) from ever buying a Christmas tree by ourselves again because we spent north of $75 on one once. My bad.** Christmas_TreeThis is one of my very favorite ornaments we have.  A glass Unicorn that a good friend from Grad School purchased for me. Ahhh Unicorns. UnicornamentThis is also one of my very favorite ornaments we own. I can have more than one favorite. Chiiiilllllll. Mr. Bob hand crafted it in 1987. I was 5, in case you’re frantically trying to do the math. Kelly_SledI set up a bunch of seemingly-unrelated vignettes around the room as well, using whatever I already had on hand. Feathers, weird sparkly garland, and a gold G. Oh. And these awesome trees. Yay for fake foliage! VignetteAlso, Lennon got upset that I wasn’t taking his picture, so he refused to move from the shot. I was hoping to show you the most precious, simple nativity, but he didn’t want to get out of the way. Lennon_BombSo there you go. The holidays at the House of Gold. Two things: 1. Tutorial on the letters coming Thursday. 2. Does it bother anyone that the TV isn’t centered on the console and/or the wall? Christmas_LivingRoom

We love Christmas around here. Not only because of the sparkly, twinkly lights (as evidenced above), but because of the Hope fully intertwined in this Holiday. Jesus is and gives hope– to the weary, to the burdened, to the strugglers, and to the broken. He offers this gift so freely and openly, and our prayer for this season (and all!) is that you will find -and accept- this Hope.


6 thoughts on “Santa’s Coming! I know him!

  1. The marquee letters, they are amazing. The unicorn ornament, it is majestic. The dog-instead-of-nativity-scene is kind of hilarious and tragic. The look on his face is all, “Pay attention to MEEEEEEE!!” Andy does the same thing to me when I’m taking pics sometimes. 🙂 Beautiful home tour! Merry Christmas!

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