Easiest (and Cheapest) Christmas present ever.

I’m a big fan of giving presents to people. I love love love to give people things that they would (hopefully) use and enjoy. My bank account sometimes does not feel the same way. So once I saw this recipe for a sugar scrub (originally found here), I knew what I was going to give everyone for Christmas. Including the guys. Just kidding. They get tulip-scented sugar scrub. Not measly peppermint scrub. Just kidding. This junk smells like cookies.

I digress. Here’s how it all went down:

1. Procure supplies.

  • Large bag of sugar  (I just bought the standard Kroger brand. Nothing fancy.)
  • In the same aisle, I grabbed a 12-pack of these little 4oz canning jars. They’ve got a wide mouth, which will make the sugar-grabbing easier. (**hint** they’re cheaper at the grocery store by about $4.)
  • I ordered Sweet Almond Oil off Amazon. (I tried a different recipe with Roasted Almond Oil, and that gives a reallllly almond-y scent. The sweet almond oil is virtually unscented.
  • I also ordered Essential Peppermint Oil off Amazon.
  • Some kind of Fabric Ribbon something to tie around the jars after you’re done. (I’ve had mine for years in the scraps pile.)
  • Coffee. Especially if you do this first thing in the morning while husband is still sleeping.     Sugar_Ingredients

2. Combine 2 1/2 cups of sugar, 1 cup of oil (which is the same as 8 oz.), and 30ish drops of Peppermint Oil. Which varies, depending on what your nostrils tell you to do.Mixed_Ingredients

Also, this is what our dogs do while I craft. Unless they’re sleeping, like Ed was.

Dogs On Couch

3. Stir all this stuff together until it looks like lumpy mashed potatoes.Ingredient_Textures

4. Scoop into the jars.Scrub_in_Jars

5. Put lids on, affix your label, and tie on a ribbon!Srub_Complete

This whole project took me **maybe** 30 minutes to make 10 little jars, and each batch makes about 20 oz. of scrub (5- 4 oz. jars).

So if we’re getting all math-y here, which rarely happens (Art major here, not math major…), these cost roughly $1.65 each to make. Which fits in the budget of “I WANT TO GIVE EVERYONE SOMETHING TO TAKE HOME!!!

What about you? Do you have suggestions for cheap and easy Christmas gifts?


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