No-sew Burlap Garland!

I hope everyone had a Merry Thanksgivingukkah! J and I have SO MUCH to be thankful for this past year, and are incredibly grateful for what the Lord has given us so graciously. Including a brand new Ugga for our porch.20131203-081517.jpg

Before we left for dia del turkey, I was a bit of a crazyperson with all kinds of crafts. J was scared, so he made a fire and then I have no idea what else he did that day. He came back eventually, though.

As I mentioned last week, I finished off the Ornament Wreath. Then I had all these enormous coffee bags, left over from a few projects we had in our tiny little apartment. Here is Ringo, demonstrating how to lay on top of them.HelpingRingo

And I knew it was time for them to be used. Girl, it’s time!

Burlap is an open-weave fabric, which basically means it’s good for holding bigger items (like coffee beans), but probably wouldn’t work out so well if you loaded it up with sugar. It’s also naturally a twisty-turny kind of thing that can give you some seriously crooked cut lines if you’re trying to snip off a piece or strip. When I was wandering about in Joann’s a looong time ago, I overheard this magical tip from one of the cutter-ladies: to get a straight cut, pull out one of the strands of burlap and cut where that strand once was. Like so.    Strand_pulling Strand_Removal

Make sensei? Yes? Okay, cool. So when I was cutting my strips to make this banner, I was yanking out those strands like a crazy person… and slowly… ever so slowly, an idea was developing.

What if I just halfway pull out a strand down the middle of the strip, and then come back on the other side and tug that strand? Essentially, bunching the remainder of the fabric in the middle of the strand? Essentially MAKING A RUFFLE-Y GARLAND WITHOUT HAVING TO SEW ANYTHING?!?! And just like that, I declared myself a genius and called it a day.Ruffle_Progress

Lies. I did not call it a day. (But I did call myself a genius. AHEM.) At this point in time, the OCD kicked in full-force and I had to complete THE ENTIRE GARLAND right then and there. So I stayed in front of the fire and did just that.Ruffle

Once I had a few sections of garland in it’s ruffled state, I just took the strands that helped create the ruffle and tied them to the next strand. Lo and behold, a ruffle-garland.Strands_tied_Together

But here’s the thing… burlap is a bit fragile when it hangs out solo. So just be careful not to do jumpropes with the garland. Because it won’t stay together. But it holds up nicely on a wall. (iPhone pic. My bad.)20131203-080249.jpg

And on top of a Ringo.Ringo_finished

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