HP Photo Party- Phase Two!

So. Where did we leave off last week? The party. Let’s talk about the partyyyyy! First, any “event” that happens at The House of Gold must and will involve food. In fact, food is central. So I made some chili, some delicious spinach bites (DON’T WORRY, RECIPE TO FOLLOW!), and some cheese platters… and, of course, supplemented by wines and delicious desserts from the ladies. So we got down to business before we got down to business.

Then, we gathered ourselves in a little circle and chatted about HP, how I went about getting these prints made, the pros/ cons, etc etc etc. Oh. And we gave things away for free… mostly because House Party and HP are sweet companies and know how to win some loyal customers. (hint: give them free things occasionally.)Party_timeOpening_Bags2Opening Gift Bag

Again, if you happen to come to the House of Gold, in addition to food, you will most likely be swindled/ bamboozled/ tricked into some kind of crafting or pre-crafting activity. We spoke about the first girl’s night here. And it was glorious and glitter-infested. So we decided to do another craft. This time, we were stickin with the holiday-theme, and I just came across this post about an ornament wreath. DONE.

I supplied myself with 100 ornaments, a foam wreath, a glue gun, and a glass of wine. All necessary for what was about to happen. After carefully-ish glueing all of my ornaments to the wreath, I came to the sad realization that I did not have enough ornaments to finish that evening. Nor did anyone else who attempted this particular craft that evening.

Here are the directions on how to make this wreath:

Basically. Glue everything to everything. And make sure you point the hook-part in such a way that it won’t be visible when you hang the wreath. The End. Ornament_Wreath_hookOrnaments

Detail_OrnamentAlso, these guys are fatty fatty 2×4’s. They won’t fit in between your front door and your screen door. Ergo, the wreath is now on the pallet wall. Yay!


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