HP Photo Party- Phase One!

A few weeks ago, I was selected to host an HP Photo Party via Houseparty.com. YAAAAAY. And then a week or two after I was selected to host this party, I received a GIANT box of goodness. Some of which to keep for myself, and a lot of which to disperse to mi amigas. Also, when I say GIANT, I mean GIANT. It was lovely.2013-11-07 16.31.54

Inside the box were three coupons I had been anxiously waiting for. Especially after Melissa took our pictures. I just couldn’t wait to get a few of those bad boys up and on our walls. You know, to #warmupyourwalls. The coupons were for a mounted 5×7 photo, a mounted 8×20 photo, and a 16×20 wrapped canvas. Off to the interwebs I went to place my order!

First, let’s talk about the Walmart website. Not too bad. Easy to navigate, and everything you need is pretty much within 3 clicks from the homepage. I had to first sign up for an account (naturally), and then could get to ordering. BUT WAIT! Just for signing up, I go 25 free 4×6 prints. YAY! So then I uploaded the photo I wanted to use for my 8×20. Initially, I was a little disappointed that the site didn’t specify what would happen on the edges, or that I couldn’t really manipulate/ scale the image within the software. (This changed in the end.) On the sad side, I couldn’t order both the 8×20 and the 5×7 in the same transaction, because the total exceeded $25 (my coupons restricted me… if you’re paying for them online, you can totally order as much as you want in one transaction). BUT WAIT! Because I ordered the 8×20, they just went ahead and sent me another coupon for another free 5×7.

Okay, Walmart. You’re winning me over.

Same-same procedure for the 5×7(s). Overall, the software was pretty easy to use, although I didn’t have complete control. Which stressed me out a TON… you know, being a designer and all.

I headed off to the store to place my order for the 16×20, and pick up the others. Buuuut wouldn’t you know I selected the wrong walmart to print these things to and ended up driving further out to a different store? Right. Anyway, I used this bad boy to set up and place my order.2013-11-08 15.51.11

So here are my final notes on the quality of the prints:

  • standard photo paper mounted to some kind of foam-ish block with aluminum-wrapped edges
  • the photos are mounted and then trimmed to size in-store. Which is fine, if you’re not a stickler for the details of having a COMPLETELY straight line and 90 degree-corners. There’s a little wiggle room in there for error.
  • The canvas looked AWESOME. I’d totally get that again.

Once I got home with my treasures, I immediately set to hanging them up. You know… #warmupyourwalls and everything. I’ve been wanting to do another collage-wall in the house, and after being validated by my favorite blogger, I went for it and hung up all kinds of wedding/ dating/ lover memorabilia. And I had a big blank wall in our hallway that needed some oomph.2013-11-09 12.47.24

First, I started arranging all the things I wanted to hang on the wall. Rearranging. Arranging. Back and forth. I had to bust out a glue gun and fix/ adhere a couple things at this point, which made me feel extra-crafty. 2013-11-09 12.46.33

Since this gallery wall isn’t set up on a grid and is more of an “organic” shape, I didn’t feel the need to measure anything. Just hang up one thing at a time– but I did start with the larger pieces and fill in with the smaller ones. (I used nails for this, since all the frames were fairly lightweight.)      2013-11-09 13.50.262013-11-09 13.51.232013-11-09 13.51.53

And viola! My pictures are hung. Yay! Next week, we’ll chat about the party itself and how I still have glitter on my floor.


2 thoughts on “HP Photo Party- Phase One!

  1. I love it!! Omggg the mixed media, the shadow box, THE BOW. Also, that picture at the end of the hallway in the paneled frame– FAVORITE.
    Okay, fan girl OUT.

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