Trash the dress!

So I mentioned (casually, of course) in the last post that you should never skimp out on photography. Of anything. Well, we liked about half of our photos from our wedding a little over a year ago, and were a little disappointed in the other half (mostly, the “formal” portrait-type shots). Which is what we would typically think to print and hang in our home. So we thought about how we could rectify this situation, and landed on our solution. Melissa.

Melissa has been dating my brother for a couple years now, and we’ve been privy to her talents for about that same amount of time. But having never actually experienced her wonders of portraiture firsthanded, we were cautiously optimistic when we came up with the idea of having her (and Adam) drive down from DC to re-capture our little family in a “Trash the Dress” photo shoot. Also, Adam needed to bond with Lennon some. 2013-11-02 21.03.28There are a lot of varieties of this type of shoot, but we knew we wanted it to be a little more tame than the “throw junk all over each other and pretend like we’re having fun” thing. (you should check some of those crazies out on pinterest.) We knew where we wanted to take the pics, which just so happens to be the same place where we got engaged, and the same place we had our engagement pics taken. It’s a faux-woodsy/ beachy/ natural area close to the water and tucked behind a neighborhood not far from us. Virginia Beach for the win! We scouted the area earlier in the day, to make sure it hasn’t changed and to ensure we knew where we were headed. So this is just an iPhone picture… we were pretty convinced it would work out just fine. 2013-11-02 13.19.41Let’s begin this by saying J picked out his outfit ALL BY HIMSELF. And if that’s not enough, he picked out my necklace. Excuse me while I have a proud moment. Mmkay, I’m back now. I also tried a more “bridal” hairstyle (straightened about half of it and just got to pinning), and a little more makeup than usual. Which means I spent about 30 minutes getting ready, as opposed to the normal 20. I get bored in bathrooms. That was weird. Let’s move on.

So we loaded the dogs up and set off to the site, after Adam and Melissa showed up. Adam was in charge of the animals while Melissa did her magic. All in all, we took about an hour and got 148 images to use. Enough talking about them? Want to just see them? YES. They’re incredible. Also, get in touch with Melissa to take your pictures. You will not regret it.

JK_NymanPhoto_1 JK_NymanPhoto_2 JK_NymanPhoto_3

(This is magic. All three dogs looking at one time.)

JK_NymanPhoto_4 JK_NymanPhoto_5 JK_NymanPhoto_6 JK_NymanPhoto_7 JK_NymanPhoto_9 JK_NymanPhoto_10 JK_NymanPhoto_11 JK_NymanPhoto_12 JK_NymanPhoto_13 JK_NymanPhoto_14 JK_NymanPhoto_15 JK_NymanPhoto_16I’d say those pretty much make up for any kind of disappointment we had with our formal couple-pictures. And they’re much more “us”. Melissa was able to make us feel comfortable, while at the same time giving plenty of direction and also allowing for us to do things that came naturally. LIKE KISS EACH OTHER. We couldn’t recommend her or her work enough.

Check back with us on Thursday to see what we did with the pictures.

Can’t get enough of her work? To check out more of her work and find her contact info, click here:


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