Gearing up for another one!

There are plenty of times that being a homeowner is equally overwhelming and daunting. Especially a homeowner of a fixer-upper. So after we laid the tile floor, we took a break. And sat on the couch. For a really long time. We’ve still got to lay some transitions, but that will come in time, grasshopper. In the meantime, we’re gearing up for a project we’re really excited about. The Master Bath.

On move-in day, here’s what it looked like.

IMG_0137 IMG_0139And here’s where we see the issues with that:

  • No storage. A pedestal sink in a master bathroom? Where do I put my toothpaste? And more importantly, where does the toilet paper go? And everything else that bathrooms need? Seriously?
  • It’s all white. Obvs, that just will not do.
  • There’s this mirror. Which is fine, as far as mirrors go. But if you look closely, previous homeowner notched out the trim in order to hang the mirror. Even though there’s plenty of room to slide the mirror up. Notched out the trim. Right.
  • So if you take the mirror off, there’s a secret compartment of nothingness. (?)
  • Before our electrician-friend came, there were no outlets and no bathroom vent fan to speak of. Thankfully, that can be crossed off the list.
  • Linoleum floor. It’s not a bad linoleum, as far as those go. And it’s fairly new… it’s just… well… someone failed to glue it down. Really. Someone just tossed it on the ground like an area rug. I don’t get that.
  • The cave-shower. This shower has no light, so we rely on sunlight and/or light from the vanity to illuminate while you wash.

I think that’s about all the main issues. There will be more along the way, don’t worry. But we wanted to give you an idea of where we’re headed with the bathroom first. (All ideas are pinned here. Even the ones we scratched off the list.)

We’re planning on keeping the paneling, but painting it a bright white (sure wasn’t painted… just factory-primed), and making sure it’s properly stuck to the wall. We really like the idea of a dark color on top, like this:

PaintspirationWe’re going to have to do something about the lack of storage. We’re thinking some shelves above the toilet like this:

bathroom shelvesAnd a small vanity (with doors! that close!). We were leaning toward this one originally (from Lowes)…

Lowes VanityAnd maybe I can get away with sewing a new shower curtain like this! Shhhh.

Shower Curtain And the floor. Oh my, the floor. This is where we’re stuck. Any ideas out there? Mini hex mosaic? Cork? hex tile floor

Oh and for the mysterious hidden vanity hole? I’ve got something up my sleeve. It may or may not involve gold paint. Be warned.

What are we thinkin, guys? does this work? Not work? You love it? Hate it? Cool. Weigh in now. Before I make up my mind. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Gearing up for another one!

  1. I love the white paneling contrasted to a dark wall! I vote yes to this! Hex mosaic looks faboosh, but I def like the classic all-white one like that top design pic (with the dark walls) over the splash of color one. Can’t wait for (p)updates!
    Unrelated- WHAT WERE YOU FOR HALLOWEEN? Tell me Taylor Swift. Tell me.

  2. Just found your blog and am thoroughly enjoying your wit! Found you through your folks whose blog I follow simply because my husband and I are also Randy & Pam!

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