Sometimes, projects fail. ish.

So I don’t often talk about the projects that are complete failures. Mostly because they are complete failures. In fact, there are some that I can’t quite come to grips with the fact that they’re failures. And so I hang them, secretly hoping one of the dogs will annihilate the offensive object when we’re away at work.

Remember a while ago when we wandered around Target and found our new dining room rug on clearance? Ahhhh. Dining Room RugWell, a day or so before that, I found these hose reel things, also on Clearance. So I grabbed a couple at half off. (They were about $11 each.)  Reel_Before So while J was away showing houses, I got motivated. Really, how could you not be motivated to get this off your house? Rusty Reel

I was a little nervous about getting this sucker off the wall, with all the rust and junk… and yes, I thought about Tetanus the entire time I was removing the old reel.Wrench Off

So I placed the new reel around where I wanted it to hang, leveled and marked the spots that I would need to pre-drill. Hose Level

After I did that, I grabbed the screws that came with the reel and happily started “installing”. And then the screw broke. Broken_Screw

Duh, you shouldn’t use a wood screw in masonry. Right.

I regrouped and found some sturdier-looking screws and set back to work. One of them broke, one went in about halfway, and one went in completely. Reel_Screws

But dangit if I wasn’t determined to make the hose sit on that stupid reel. I also figured that I’d let J install the other one. HoseReel_Complete

Also, I scraped my knuckle and it bled. FEEL SORRY FOR ME.



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