The floor. I want to eat off this floor.

Ok, so we left off on Friday night when we were dead tired and fell into bed after tiling for about 10(ish) hours. But before we get to the good stuff, let me rewind. We had a couple minor other things to complete before the new tiles went down. Namely, paint. There’s no better time to paint than when your floor looks like this.

Photo Oct 13, 1 40 16 PMFloor ScrapingMid-ScrapeAnd remember when we had new lights installed? I never finished spackling and painting the ceiling. So I went ahead and knocked that out. (A couple rounds of spackling/ sanding, and then a quick swipe of primer, and then a couple rounds of ceiling paint.)Ceiling_PatchOnce the ceiling was painted, I had to touch up the walls. Once the walls were touched up, I might as well caulk all the cabinet moulding joints. Remember that? Yeah. That was also a long time ago. And with the cabinets caulked and ready to go, they needed some touch-up work as well. Again, now was a good time to do it.Cabinet_Caulk If you do any DIY projects, you know how that all goes. When you do one thing, you might as well do the million other little things along the way. So. We got those knocked out. Boom.

So the floor is down and mortar-ed, and we let it sit for [at least] 16 hours. In this case, we just let it sit for about 1.5 days. I woke up, grabbed a scraping tool and some coffee, and went to town scraping the excess mortar out of the joints. This will give the grout plenty of room to squeeze in between the joints.

A couple hours later and a rounded-used-to-be-flathead screwdriver, time for grout. Now. When you’re getting ready to mix the grout, pay attention to what you’re doing. You may end up with an over-watered mix that you’ll end up having to throw out. GAH. Waste of money. J took that job over after he recognized my initial failed attempt. #frustrating. (Public apology to husband here.)

Then it’s time to get crazy- mash the grout in (should be the consistency of Mashed Potatoes), spread it around, and let it sit for 10-15 minutes. Mashing_GroutThen you just sponge the excess off! This step takes a lot of water, so this is the part where we’re super-thankful to have well-water. Grout_SpongingSponged FloorThis is also the step where a wrench got thrown in our plans. And when I say “wrench”, I mean “bleeding animal.” Let me explain.

We had just gotten to the part where I was sponging off excess in one spot and J was finishing the grout-mashing in another. Lennon and Ringo were running around outside like Banshees. We heard them get a little crazier than normal (excessive barking), told them to shut their pie-holes, and continued on. After J finished the grouting, he offered to get me some fresh water for sponging. (Thanks, Husband!)

Then I hear… “BABE. COME OUT HERE. RINGO’S BLEEDING!” So Lennon got a little rough and essentially ripped Ringo’s ear. After some attempts of Baby Powder, Antibiotic Ointment, Alcohol, a good old fashioned band-aid, and some compression, the bleeding stopped. Until he shook his head. Which was every time. And then the bleeding would commence in full force again. We decided the money it would cost for stitches would be less than the money spent on blood-stained furniture, rugs, curtains, or whatever else could possibly get stained. Poor Ringo. Off we went to the vet, where he got 4 stitches, a cone, and some drugs. RingoAnd then we came back home and the floor was magically still there. High-Five-GIF-2Here’s what Ed thinks about the whole thing:

Ed_FloorAnd here you go. Some more pictures:

Floor_completeFloor_FinishedStill left to do?

  • Install Quarter Round
  • Figure out/ Install Floor Transitions
  • Another touch-up coat on the cabinets
  • Countertops/ Sink/ Faucet

But maaan it feels good to have this stage complete. LivingRoom_Kitchen


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