The road to a new kitchen floor.

I totally spilled the beans last week and let you all know that I up and decided to redo the kitchen floor. Well, this is really how it all went down. J said that I get a new kitchen floor for my birthday. Woo. And then we took a glance at our calendar and quickly realized that if we were going to do this whole “kitchen floor thing”, we were going to have to do it ASAP. He headed to a friend’s house to watch the UGA football game last Saturday, while I stayed home and got all crazy on the asbestos-y linoleum. We quickly realized what was going on with the linoleum and threw some primer down to seal that junk in. Primed Floor

And then I had a little bit of fun with markers. (Instagram tells the story best.)

We had an idea of what we liked and didn’t like, so we took a cabinet door with us to select a sample tile to bring home. Off to The Tile Shop!Tile Shop ExteriorBasically, The Tile Shop is a giant mecca of any kind of tile imaginable (much bigger selection than Home Depot/ Lowes). Floor tiles, wall tiles, accent tiles… tile ’til you drop. We showed up on a Friday night (we get real crazy on date nights), and wandered around before we honed in on what we really liked. We held the door up to see what clashed and what didn’t, and quickly pounced on this guy. Yes, please. An 8″x24″ (ish) ceramic tile.

So we grabbed a couple and took them home with us. Also, we just so happened upon a Columbus Day sale. So hurrah for 15% off! After we took it home and were completely convinced, we ordered those bad boys to be delivered to the store on Thursday. J picked them up, loaded them into the Subaru and got a quick compliment on his manly beard. (True story.)Tiles in CarThat night, we took our time and laid the tiles out- not completely, but probably set about 1/4 of the tiles down. We wanted to be sure of the spacing, the layout, and where the grout lines would fall. Might have been a little OCD, but totally worth it to talk through this process with the hubs.LayoutI got home Friday around noonish and did some cleaning (two rounds of vacuuming), and then barricaded myself in the kitchen. (Gotta keep the animals out somehow.) barricadeJ finished up a few things at work while I started, so I was on my own for a bit. I managed to mix the mortar by myself (you want a consistency kind of like Mashed Potatoes here), and got down to business! ish. Dance breaks come first. Dance_BreakWe went slowly and steadily (like a young turtle), and made good progress. Stopped for some dinner and then continued on.This is right around the time when the trowel busted clear in half. **Hint** buy the expensive trowel. The cheap ones break. I sent J off to the store and continued on. And then dangit if we didn’t run out of mortar with about a 2’x2′ area left to go. UGH. Back to the store for J while I finished the cuts.Leveling_tilesSo there we go. Halfway through the tiling adventure. We’ll talk about the final push on Thursday. Mortar_Complete

I’m tired. Phew.


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