Surviving Game Day.

If you happened to read the Meet Team Gold page, you may have noticed that I went to Baylor University. (Sic ’em Bears) But when I went there, we were not ranked #17, as we are now. (Sic ’em Again, Bears) Which basically meant, my friends and I went to games about midway through the second quarter, and left midway through the third. It was a social event where we would get sunburned on one side of our face. Game Day was not a big deal at all.

Then along came J in my life, and in all his manly glory, started to show me the ways of GAMEDAY. It’s a thing, people. Consider me culture-shocked. I soon found myself buying things with a large “G” on them, merely because I knew J would like them. Game day Gnomes? Yup. Got that. Game Day Cups? Yep. Shirts? Flags? Shorts? Buckets? Check. All of them. Even a cutting board. With all this team spirit in our house on Saturdays in the fall, I find myself a little out of sorts. So here it is, people. My go-to guide of surviving game day.GameDayFlag

  1. Think of it as a way to hone and polish your hostessing skills. You can test out recipes on people who wouldn’t really care all that much if the dish is terrible. (They’re distracted. Take advantage of that.) (Btw, this Buffalo Chicken Dip is “danky”, according to J.)
  2. Just really don’t count on a conversation with the hubs for this time period. It’s not going to happen. So don’t expect it. And if he should happen to converse with you, Win! Unexpected attention!
  3. Maybe you get distracted during the game? Find another project to work on in the vicinity of the game. Such as ripping up linoleum flooring in the nearby kitchen. (Okay, J was actually watching the game at a friend’s house while I did this, but the point is still the same.) Or do some cross-stitching. Something to where you still get to hang out together, but talking isn’t necessarily necessary.
  4. Bring more people/ animals in on the action. Ringo would like to demonstrate:Ringo_JerseyRingo_Front
  5. Sometimes animals get scared with loud noises and/or yelling. To calm them down, I suggest gameday jerseys, a place to hide, and possible snuggles.

You like how I did that? #3? I told you our next project. We’re redoing the kitchen floor. So a couple of pointers with that. We ripped up the 50+ year old linoleum floor and scraped it down to the subfloor. How do I know it’s original? There’s absolutely nothing under this linoleum. No second layer. (There is subfloor, so don’t worry.) Oh, and also: there’s extra pieces in the attic. In case I want to use it elsewhere in the house. ?! (No thanks, I do not.)

When ripping up linoleum, a couple of tips:

  • Wear a respirator. These floors could hypothetically have asbestos in them that you could potentially find out about after you’ve scraped up the entire thing. And if you should hypothetically discover this when talking to a Home Depot guy about sealing in a mildew-y smell, it’s a good idea to prime the floor as soon as possible, to seal it all back in.
  • Use a Ridgid Jobmax mega fancy tool. It’s got a scraper attachment for times such as these. And it works wonderfully. I also heard (thanks, Paolo!) that using an iron to steam up the edges works wonders.Ridgid-JobMax
  • For the love of Pete, wear kneepads. My arthritis can’t handle doing these things anymore. Especially without kneepads.

Also, pray for us. We’re laying/ setting tile on Friday, and grouting on Sunday. We could potentially have WW5 in our house. (I’m totally counting Iraq and the shutdown as wars 3 & 4, respectively.) Also, WW5 in a totally good and productive “oh I never knew we could live in peace” way. (We never ever ever ever fight. Especially when it comes to technique for house projects.)


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