Ladieeeees Night!

My lady-friends and I have been meaning to have a craft night for a while. So when it finally happened? We were pretty much ecstatic. We had to plan it out about 6 weeks in advance, but it was totally worth it. I also prepped J by explaining to him that he’d probably have to go trout fishing that night. He readily agreed to be kicked out of the house in search of some trout. #troutslayer

One of the girls in the group happily offered to spend some time at Michael’s picking up supplies for the girls that couldn’t (or get completely overwhelmed by the explosion of craftiness). We all also agreed that food and wine should be present at said event. Done and done.

After we took some time to get some sustenance in ourselves, we fired up the glue guns and put our concentration-faces on. (CRAFTING IS A SERIOUS THING, Y’ALL.)

ConcentrationEssentially, my house became a crafting explosion. The picture below was before two others showed up and got in on the fun. Oh, and also. Not every one made a wreath. Alice (on the left) lugged her sewing machine over so she could finish an apron. Or, rather, finish sewing pockets on an apron. She’s such a rebel.ProgressAfter the fun really started, the table looked more like this:

SuppliesPoor J got home and saw that. Oops. I was hoping to have it partially cleaned before he arrived. He hid in the bedroom. But not before I made him take a picture.

Final ProductAnd here’s my finished wreath. In case you were wondering, a command hook will not hold this wreath up. It could possibly crash to the floor. And if a dog (Ed) is nearby, he may or may not start to eat the berries. So for future reference, go ahead and use a nail. Just hypothetically speaking, of course.

Wreath_completeWhy did we not do this sooner? I can’t wait for round two of craft night.


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