East Coast/ West Coast… Round Two.

So we left off at the part of the story where J and I had wine. Ahhh delicious wine. After tasting and selecting, we headed up to San Francisco. More importantly, we headed up to a trailer park in San Francisco. No lie, Mom and Dad were staying in a trailer park. And it was perfect. If you want to read some more about it from Dad’s perspective, click here.

Regardless, San Francisco. It started with a little happy hour cookout-ish thing with about 1/2 of the Warner cousins present. (There are 9 of us WarnerCousins total.) So we hung out, had some food, and reconnected. Aunt Sue and I discussed Project Runway, as per usual, but OMG. That Ken guy is insane.

The next day was golfing in the AM with the rest of the dudes from the wedding. Did we win? No. Did we love it? Most parts of it. (It’s still golf, people. We get mad.) Did I beat Mom in the long drive competition? No. Whatever.Gold_Canyon CreekThe next night was the rehearsal-dinner-afterparty and then the next night. OOOOH man. Saturday night. The wedding. It was so great. The venue was some old fancy mansion (that is actually still in use as a school-), there were specialty drinks during happy hour, most of my favorite people were present, and I got to know some of the cousin-wives. (NOT to be confused with sister-wives.)    The next day, Sunday, was also fantastic. My parents, J, and myself set out to explore San Francisco. J had never been there, but my parents and I have… a couple of times. So we arrived to the downtown wharf area, parked our car (for $40!! GAHHHHH), and set off to the Alcatraz tour. We took a ferry boat ride over to the island and then put on our earphones to listen to the audio-guided tour. (Totally worth it.)AlcatrazBefore we got on the boat, though, we noticed some signs for the America’s Cup race (a big fancy sailboat race), but missed it by one day. ONE DAY! But wait! We did not miss this at all. In fact, on our ferry boat ride back to the mainland, we happened across the race directly in front of me. I quickly started to follow OracleTeamUSA on twitter (and instagram!) to see live updates of what was happening in front of us.OracleOracleSFAnd some European guy near us was also explaining what was happening. But really, that was not a big deal. There was a boat race. In front of us. And America was winning. #America. And, in fact, the race we stumbled upon just so happened to be the race where America mounted the best comeback ever in sports history. Ever. And we got to see these dudes high-fiving. Such a great thing.OracleTeamUSAFrom there, we continued walking around the bay area. If you don’t get to stumble across America’s Cup, stumble across these guys:Sea LionAll in all, that was a pretty stinkin fun way to spend our time in Northern California. The next day, J and I said our goodbyes to Mom and Dad (womp womp womp) and headed down to LA. We decided to take Highway 1 down the Coast and see some pretty fantastic things. Like our future house that overlooks the water.Future HouseIncluding Big Sur (which is actually called Pefeiffer Big Sur… weird.). But, in all honesty, don’t go there in an effort to drive around. The nice Park Ranger lady informed us (before we paid) that there was only about a 1 mile drive before the road ended. You go to Big Sur to hike. So we got out at the Visitor’s Center and took a couple pictures next to a giant tree instead.BigSurThen we continued on to LA, where we dropped off our rental car and walked a couple of blocks to the hotel where we stayed for the night. BTW, not the best thing in the world to walk down the busy streets of LA around 9 at night. Creepers are out then. I felt like this.

But we survived, woke up the next morning, and flew back to see our puppies. They were happy to see us. And us, them.


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