East Coast/ West Coast

If you follow on Instagram, you may have seen some snaps from our trip to California. So here… lemme tell you a bit more about that, mmkay? When we found out that Cousin Matt was finally getting married (seriously, right? Sierra? right?), we jumped at the chance to combine a little vacay and family time. I mean, who doesn’t love a little Warnerpalooza? The wedding was scheduled for Saturday night around the San Francisco area, so we figured we’d make a whole dang trip of it and flew in on Wednesday morning to LA. Now, I’m going to be completely honest here. LA is NOT GLAMOROUS. Or pretty. It’s actually pretty ugly and stressful. But once we got our In-N-Out burgers (on National Cheeseburger Day) and headed out of LA, we were in a much better place. In-N-Out works wonders for the soul. (Don’t you worry… they have a secret menu, where I could order a “Protein Burger”… a burger wrapped in lettuce… less delicious than a standard In-N-Out burger, but exponentially more delicious than a regular burger.)

We headed up to Cambria, where we reserved a room at the Fog Catcher Inn.Cambria is a little coast town a little south of the Hearst Castle. (Hearst is the guy that got rich/famous from magazines.) We were handed our keys and told how to turn the heat on… which confused us. We’re in California… on the coast… and they mentioned the heat. Very quickly, we learned why. The daytime temps may get up to the 70’s-80’s, but nighttime temps get to be in the 50’s. Gladly, I will accept your heater (with no a/c), and raise you a sweatshirt/ undershirt/ scarf/ jeans. But before we get to the rest of Cambria, let’s focus ourselves on sunset. Okay? (Also, someone in our family always tends to “ruin” pictures… oops.)

Cambria Sunset Cambria_sunsetFogCatcherInnWe had a [surprisingly] delicious meal within walking distance to our hotel, and then basically crashed around 9pm for the night. You know, time change and junk. But along with the time change, we also woke up at a decent hour to see the sun rise over the waters. Okaaaaay. Cambria_ViewGoldsWe then headed out to Paso Robles, which just so happens to be the host town of one of our favorite wines. In fact, you may remember during our house-closing process (that took FOREVER), we found solace in some J. Lohr. Regardless, it was a short [ridiculously beautiful] drive over in to wine country, where we happened to pass by this great little roadside stand.   Small Juicy Oranges Now. Avocados in Virginia range from $1-1.50 each. (SERIOUSLY.) They’re around $.50 a piece in Texas. And in California? Well. Those suckers are anywhere from $.10-$.50 each. YES, PLEASE. We got a few of those for some evening guacamole. And we also grabbed a bag of “Small Juicy Oranges.” And indeed they were. Some of the best oranges I’ve ever had.

So we continued on to Paso Robles, where we stopped in town at a grocery store to pick up a picnic lunch (this is how we manage the Gluten-Free-ness on vacation), and then headed out to the winery… past the Juvey (sp?) detention center. Whatever. Keep going. It’s worth it. J. Lohr is located a couple miles off the main road, and totally worth the drive. They offer 6 free tastings (and added a bonus just because David was nice!). We (of course) stocked up on our specialty wines (totally new to us to have a specialty wine), and got a few pics before we headed onward up to the San Francisco area to meet up with the rest of the Warners. (Can we first reflect on how good J is looking, with all his hard work and dedication with doing Insanity for, like, 4 weeks? kthanksbye.)JLohrWinery

Think that’s where the story ends? Oh no. It does not. It will be continued… on Thursday. 🙂 We’ll continue our story with the Bay Area and what happened that was surprising and wonderful and fantastic. Yay!


6 thoughts on “East Coast/ West Coast

  1. Ok, now I want to go on vacation……are you all gluten free as well? We have a lot of that going around in our family. My fave is a flour mixture we make up and just keep in freezer to make normal recipes (like Nestle toll house cookies!) and just swap out the normal flour with that one. Also just found an awesome cookbook by Anne Byrn called “Unbelievably Gluten Free.” Has fried chicken, angel food cake and all kinds of good stuff in there. Always fun to hear how you all are doing!

    • haha. Yes! I am, at least (J still enjoys his gluten :)). I’ve heard of this flour mixture- I haven’t gotten around to making a batch– so for the time being, I’ve been buying the ready-made version of it. I’ll definitely have to try that book out! I’ve found a lot of recipes on http://simplygluten-free.com/. Just don’t try anything with the Chebe bread mix. That stuff is gross.

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