Ooooh Shiny! Ooooh Fancy!

When we first found this home, we kindasorta fell in love with one room in particular. As-is. Which was strange, since I wanted to do something to every other room in the house. I mean, what more could a girl want than a cedar-lined, walk-in closet? masterWell. I threw down this rug we found, and the wheels started turning. J thought it was a little… silly… extravagant… unnecessary- to have a nice rug in a master bedroom closet. I, however, knew he would soon come around. (And he did.) (kind of modeled by Ringo here.)RingoInClosetBut then, like any good homeowner, I knew this room was destined for even more greatness. Especially after I bought this Martha Stewart gold paint. I didn’t necessarily have a project in mind, but there was something in my brain that told me we needed at least one gold ceiling in The House of Gold. I’ve occasionally gone out to the garage and visited with it, wondering where it should go in the house. And then, one day, it hit me. Everybody could use a little more oomph when they get dressed in the morning. Amiright?       Martha_PaintWith my project decided, I was again a little undecided on what design to paint on the ceiling. Should I go all-out and paint the entire ceiling gold? Stripes? Plaid? Stars? The possibilities were endless! In the end, J suggested a simple, solid, single stripe. (ALLITERATION!!!) I agreed. Simple, in this case, would provide maximum benefit.

Once again, I tested my contentious relationship with frog tape, and decided that this would be the final straw. YOU HEAR ME, FROG TAPE?!? THIS IS THE FINAL STRAW! I made sure to get my lines straight, thanks to our handy dandy laser level, and taped off the stripe like so.Taped_Stripe

Then I got to painting. One coat was all it took for a fairly even application, which also used up a little less than half the bottle.Racing_StripeThen. Oh yes. J and I took a special trip to Uncle Chester’s Crap store (our name, not his), and found this lovely little light in need of some help. I think it ended up being in the $30 range. (Hard to tell, since we throw a couple things together and ask him to knock off a few bucks.)

I grabbed a wire brush and scrubbed the entire thing down a little at a time, and also removed (and threw away) the old wiring and light assembly. Then I spray-primed it (I think I ended up with about three coats of primer), and then painted it with some left over paint we also used on the front door. Then I re-wired it with an extra light we had laying around, and viola! Almost complete.PrePaint After PainteAlmost, because the black cord was a little distracting. Rather, a lot distracting. The cord was going to go directly against the gold ceiling, and we wanted to complement, not detract. So I quickly sewed a cord cover with some leftover silk (which, I think, was leftover from ErinHatcherHorne’s wedding dress?), ironed it, and assembled it.Cord_CoverNext up was engineering the swag of the fixture. I found the center of the stripe, pre-drilled and sunk an anchor, then hand-screwed a cute little hook.Hanging HardwareI removed the existing (keyless) fixture – obvs, turn off the electricity before you do this- and wired this bad boy up. Ahhhhhh. Prettyyyy. Even Lennon thinks so.AfterLennon_light


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