Sometimes, presents take a long time.

Our first anniversary was last month (Woo, marriage!), and I’ve been thinking for a while what would be a good thing to give J. Paper is the traditional choice, so I naturally chose something completely different. 🙂 I actually came across this wall art on a Joss + Main sale a while back and fell hard for it. Maybe it’s the nerd in me. Or the fact that I want my Brother-in-Law to think I’m cool. (ACCEPT ME, ROOKIESTEVIE.)PeriodicTable_inspirationSeparately, for our first Christmas, I scoured the interwebs (etsy) and found this little gem commemorating the event. I promptly asked Mother for a wood-burning kit for my Christmas present last year. She obliged.Christmas_OrnamentSo then I figured… like Captain Planet, let’s combine forces. Anniversary + Periodic Table + Wood + Crafting = Joy. I hurried my little self off to Home Depot and bought a 2’x4′ piece of pretty pretty wood (pre-cut), and then cut it down to 1-2’x3′ piece and 1-2’x1′ piece. I used the 2’x1′ piece as my practice piece, but more on that later. ish.

I created my drawing/ tracing template using InDesign (a sister program to Photoshop). I figured I had two options: either use a computer machine with letters printed to scale, or project the image onto the wood and then trace. Either way would work, I’m sure, but I just chose to scale the images to the paper first, and then print. And then use an x-acto knife to cut out each of the characters. Then place them on the wood and trace around them. Now that I’m typing this out, it’s probably a heck of a lot easier to just project the image onto the wood. If you have a projector. REGARDLESS.LettersFor the practice piece of wood, I searched for a line drawing of a trout. After I decided on this idea for the scrap piece, I figured the “scrap” would actually turn out to be J’s favorite. (It was.) I just eyeballed this portion and sketched the line drawing directly on to the piece of wood and went from there.Fish_DrawingHere’s the first “go” of figuring out what each of the attachments of the wood burning kit were to be used for.Pre-TroutIt took a bit of time (like a whole hour or something), but was pretty satisfying work- the sweet sweet scent of burning wood is enough incentive for me. For the Periodic Table, I outlined each of the letters first and followed with the middle of the letters. (Yes, the Au took a really long time to fill in.) I just went crazy for the Trout and let common sense (hopefully) be my guide.ProgressPeriodic Table_CloseUpOnce all the burning was complete, each of the boards were poly’d a couple times and then dried. Then with all my non-math-ing skills, I figured out how to cut the trim pieces correctly (only made one mistake– woot!), and gently laid them all out.

We attempted using the nail gun to affix the trim for the trout drawing, and I used gorilla glue to affix the trim to the Periodic Table. This is probably the only time frog tape has served me well. SERIOUSLY, FROG TAPE. WORK WITH ME.Frog_TapeCorner_nail_DetailCorner_DetailBetwixt the two methods of connecting trim to the “canvas”, I’d actually recommend using the gorilla glue. Or a combination of the two methods, if you’re not fully convinced it’ll hold. I’m not sold on using only nails. But whatevs. Because they’re pretty.Trout_SammichPeriodic Table_FinishedNow I just need to decide where to hang them. Any suggestions?

What about you all? Do you take what seems like years to finish presents? And usually give them to a person halfway completed? Or is that just me?



2 thoughts on “Sometimes, presents take a long time.

  1. What great presents. I usually just choose projects that I don’t think will take very long (no patience). And happy anniversary! (Ours is this week and I’m just giving her a ton or handmade cards.)

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