Headed to the Lake-

This past weekend, we got the chance to go to Lake Norman to help celebrate one of J’s bff’s birthdays. His wifey, Baird, has had this cabin/ lake house in her life since before she was born, and basically, it’s just a perfect little place. You could just imagine the many lazy days of summer spent up there, full of memories and sunshine. So. Here you go… my first house-crashing.

Baird first showed up with one of the most thoughtful gifts I have ever received. She took J and I’s wedding invitation to a Young House Love book signing and had them scribble their John Hancocks right on the front of it. Baird and I had briefly talked about going together to see some of our favorite bloggers, but in the end, I couldn’t get enough time off work to head down to Charlotte.

YHL Invitation_resizedHere’s Baird and John and their dog, Sawyer (Soybean). He climbs trees. John and BairdBack to the house. It has such a relaxed, southern, welcoming vibe right when you enter through the screen door. The walls and floors and cabinets and basically everything are made of solid pine, and have a plethora of character and love built right in to the place. Baird’s grandfather was given the choice of which lot he wanted on Lake Norman (back in the 50’s-ish), and he selected this cute and quaint little area and then built a cabin for the family. Craftiness In addition to two bunkhouses, there’s another little utility-type shed (I don’t know what happens in there. I didn’t look. It looked dark.), as well as a very functional boat shed. We met up with some of J’s other besties, so the boys could all watch the UGA/South Carolina game (Go Bullfrogs!) together. The boys also made sure to get some good solid fishing time in. The Boys_FishinEncompassing almost the entire length of the house is this fantastic screened-in porch. Along with having plenty of rocking chairs, some genius installed a foot rail. Seriously. Smartest person ever.  Screened In PorchFoot_Rail These guys are good at a couple things: fishing, cooking delicious meals, and fishing. (Did I already say that? Yes? Well. They’re still good at it.) But for real. They’re also really good at being besties. We had a really great time and seriously can’t wait to go back. Happy birthday, John!

Boys at the lake


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