Thinning and Trimming-

Thank the LORD for Target clearance, amiright? Well, as I mentioned Tuesday, all of Target’s outdoorsy things were on mega-sale. So we wandered a bit and discovered a wonderful surprise of a tree trimmer on a pole. I don’t have a detail shot of these, but it’s basically flower snips on crack. Not like Lamar Odom on crack… more like… well, whatever. Regardless. As soon as we got home, J set off to work while I fixed the dining room rug up.

Our front trees were in dire need of some trimming down. They were a little indulgent this past year and just decided to eat whatever they could find and got a little pudgy. Now, I’m not saying this is the “right” way to trim a tree. In fact, it’s probably not. But it works, and nobody died in the process. So we will proceed. J got out his transformers ladder, the trimmer on a pole, and his chainsaw, and got to work.

Like so:

TreeTrimmingBasically, he cut off any of the branches that were pointing down, thus taking out quite a bit of fluff.tree trimming2Now I don’t exactly have a “before” picture, because that would’ve been taking a picture of all tree, no house. Freal, they were thick and dense and needed a little bit of work. But luckily for the powers of the interwebs, google maps was able to help out with the before. Which is a fairly accurate representation.exterior overall beforeSo in an effort to keep it real, there was a little snag with this process. Whilst J was cutting, some debris fell down and hit his eye. He ran inside, we flushed it out, but there was a little scratch of sorts somewhere in that orifice. It didn’t bother him that much until a few hours later during church that evening. And even more so when we got home. And even more so when we were trying to fall asleep. So I decided the best bet was to get some eyedrops with a pain reliever, have him take some ibuprofen, and put a wet washcloth on it and hope he went to sleep… with a plan of possibly going to an eye doctor if it got any worse. I threatened to take a picture, but didn’t… Moral of the story? ALWAYS WEAR YOUR EYE PROTECTION, PEOPLE. Otherwise, you’ll be at a CVS at 11:30 at night. This picture is prettttty much right on point, though:

Angry_eyeAnyway. He cut some more branches, got crazy, and got about halfway through (still need to work on the second tree some more). But seriously, look at how much he cut:limbs on streetAnd because our city is a bit of silly old sillyheads, they only picked up about half of the piles this go-around. Next trash day, they should get the rest.

Exterior_After But ooooh man. It’s so nice to be able to look out and not see a shroud of foliage.trees_After

And lastly. How. Bout. Them. Dawgs. (go bullfrogs!)


One thought on “Thinning and Trimming-

  1. Remind Jon to watchout for falling limbs that hit the ladder and throw you to the ground. Just sayin’.

    The yard looks great!

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