Let’s eat!

So before we actually closed on the house, J got in and removed the entirety of the carpet that was in the living room, dining room & hallway. Then the floors were refinished and un-termited, and then we were good to go. Which also meant we’d be in the market for rugs. And a good bit of them. So, off to the interwebs I went. I found a TON of options and emailed them all to J. He basically got about 12 emails per day consisting of at least 2-3 links asking for his opinion. Note to self: Give a man two viable options and let him pick betwixt the two. He’s not terribly interested in deciphering between fourteen options. So we landed (hastily) on this oriental-ish option, which was great for the time being, but after about three days, we got tired of it. It just didn’t go with the rest of the style we had emerging throughout the rest of the house.Old RugWe lived with it, because it was, like, $100. And when I say $100, I completely forgot how much it was. But it had free shipping (from Overstock.com). This I do remember! Irregardless. We had other things to do and couldn’t be bothered with a too-small, wrongly-styled rug. Like, um, everything. On one of our every-other-weekly(ish) target trips, I stumbled upon the outdoor-area-clearance. Ahhhhh. 50% off all these goods. Not even a measly 30% off here. TargetWe picked up a few grilling items, seeing as how this is the cooking method of choice during the summertime, and then stumbled upon an outdoor rug. A simple, graphic, outdoor, textured rug. For 50% off. Being that it’s an outdoor rug, it’s recommended to be cleaned by spraying it down with a hose. Which will most likely come in handy if babies ever grace us with their presence. That’ll do, Donkey.

We brought this bad boy home (we were driving the convertible that day, which meant half of the rug was poking out) and I made quick work of setting things up the new space while J was working on another project. In order for him (and myself) to be fully convinced, I set the table. It’s the little things, people. Also, it looks like our house is slanted (check out the candles in the light fixture). Dining Room RugTable SettingSo. Y’all. How do we feel about this? Yes? Please? Affirm me?!?! Rug


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