Welcome Home.

So as I mentioned before, we finally refinished the front door! This project has been on my list since we bought the place. In fact, while I was in the “frantically paint everything I see” phase, I slopped a coat of trim paint on the interior of the door. But the door basically needed a full overhaul before I could be fully satisfied. FrontDoor_BeforeThis project started almost immediately after the giant party/ guests left… we picked up two free quarts of paint from Ace (follow them on Facebook. #worthit), in our previously selected color, and I was just going to quickly knock off the raised portions before putting our new fancy color on it. Now, maybe I’m naive. Or maybe I have the shortest memory ever. But apparently, I forgot that “quick projects” usually take 3x longer than you expect them to take. Because after quickly knocking off the raised portions, I was left with this.Door Partially ScrapedLAYERS of paint came off quickly and easily. Which then made me adjust my plans… going from just slapping a couple coats of our selected color– to stripping, priming, and painting the door. Once I wrapped my head around that, J picked up some of this stripper I had been wanting to test out. I’ve heard that it’s a more “natural” stripper (if that’s even possible), and figured it’d be a good first step. So I got out my supplies, removed the door from its hinges, and hauled it in to the garage.Stripping_GelFirst mistake: I was hoping to have the stripping stage complete in an afternoon. The stripper only takes off about 2 layers of paint at a time. We figured later that this door had between 4-5 layers total. I felt like a complete failure when J got back from work, the door wasn’t even close to being complete, and we had to go to a friend’s house for dinner. In all honesty, I was grouchy and unkind about the whole thing, but luckily, I married a very patient and loving man that remains calm when I am not. So we put the door back on its hinges and headed over to our friend’s house for a delicious dinner and a break from frustrating doors.

I got up the next morning with a renewed vision, and got back to it. J helped unhinge the door and give it another go. The stripper was going crazy and working (also, this stuff smells like an orangesicle. Which made it worth it.). Stripper_BubblingWe managed to get all the paint off, using plastic and metal scrapers, as well as a wire brush for the nooks and crannies. And we were left with clean and ready surfaces.

But we also noticed a happy accident… the beauty of a “whitewashed” looking door. Which matched perfectly with our pallet wall in the same room. We figured we’d leave it… worst case scenario? If we hated it, we’d paint it later. NBD.Door Interior

On to the front of the door- two coats of primer, two coats of paint, and two coats of poly. BOOM. Fantastic.Door_PrimerIn the meantime, I spruced up the knob with some spray paint. Again, if we hated it later, this was something we were planning on changing out anyway. But the knobs look good so far (waiting to see how long the spray paint holds up on a doorknob).Blue Door w Knob

And then I did some work on the storm door, by removing the grid. Literally, I removed the glass and screen portions… then I punched out the grid. With my hands. That made up for my frustrations with the door. 🙂 UGA Flag

Still left to do: add a door knocker, paint the storm door, and change out the threshold. But for now, we’re quite pleased with the happy blue of the door. Yay!New DoorAnd because everyone loves a good side by side…

Before_AfterA few months later, the door has been re-updated (again):

BackofDoor_HouseofGold Front Door Final_HouseofGoldLinking up with Remodelaholic! Woot.


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