A bit of transparency. And the Living Room.

So first of all, let me come right out and tell you this: our fancypants camera is on an epic roadtrip across the United States. Ergo, you get iPhone pics. Don’t be mad. You may, at one point, get to see some of the pictures that fancypants camera took, so get excited for that. But in the meantime… pictures taken at night, after dollar tacos, barely cleaned, and animals roaming freely.

Secondly, the house. Goooosh, the house. It pains me to show you some of these pictures, but here goes nothin. This is our normal life. Things need to be updated, changed, swapped out, hemmed, cleaned, re-covered, etc etc etc. But, in an effort to be transparent and release the OCD’s, I present to you: the living room.

The accent wall: You’ve seen the pallet wall before. Yes, we still love it. Yes, it still feels warm and cozy and lovely and “us”. Pallet WallTv Console/ Cabinet/ thing: I’ve never really spoken about this guy… it was one of J’s first purchases when he moved up here from GA– and rather than getting rid of it, we decided to give it a facelift. While we were dating. Which probably gave him a glimpse of his future life… and he still decided to marry me. 🙂 Here’s what it looked like before: tvConsole_beforeAnd another pic of the after:TV ConsoleYes, that is the same piece. I’d love to change out the fabric inserts at some point, readjust the doors, and swap out the knobs, but as of right now, it works and we’re happy with it.

Curtains: I’ve shown you these curtains before. In fact, that was one of the first projects we did for the house. But we had mismatched white curtains hanging while we decided. (Or we just didn’t think about it and left them mismatched for almost a year.) I finally bit the bullet and bought four matching panels from Ikea. Yay for them. BUT… as we all know, Ikea panels are really really long. I’m paralyzed with indecision– how much of a puddle at the bottom do I keep? 1″? 6″? A lake? Help?CurtainsAlso, does anyone else have strategically placed vents directly below a window? We have one on each side of the picture window, and end up folding the curtains up to let our a/c circulate. Again, help?  Couch_WallThe Giant Dog Bed/ Couch: Moving on…  I bought this giant mammoth in my single girl days. It was $100 and I found it on craigslist, looked wonderful for some afternoon napping, and fit the budget. (Side note, it’s huge. It didn’t fit in the door of my first place… I had to remove the trim around the door, as well as the door itself to squeeze it in. Again, thanks for helping me shove it in the house, Ricky.) It’s not beautiful, and has now received some “love” from Ringo. One hole, easily fixable. The cording he ate? I have no idea how to reassemble that. Ideas? Would a slipcover over the entire thing be a terrible idea? Ringo_CouchAdditionally, the pillows. Those are leftovers from a long time ago, and desperately need recovering and/or to be tossed altogether. But there they sit. In all their stripey-non-matchiness to anything else in the room. Living Room to doorThe Door. GOSH, The Door: And what about this guy? Finally, he got a facelift. Full reveal, as well as a step-by-step of how this happened on Thursday. But in the meantime, she’s so pretty.    back of Front Door-hearts & junk-


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