Throwing parties and not losing your mind.

This was a busy weekend for us! We had three of our good friends come in town and stay with us (yay!), and hosted a cornhole tournament to benefit the Leukemia/Lymphoma Society. (If you’re feeling crazy, you can donate here.) We did not come out victorious in the cornhole tournament, but the event raised over $900, which in our book, is a success.

We had five sets of boards set up – three sets in the back yard, and two in the front. And midway through the day, the skies opened up and we had a good old fashioned rain storm. Which was precisely when husband decided to set up a massive slip and slide. BTW, slip and slides are meant for flexible, pliable children. Not mid-twenty/ thirty year olds with brittle bones and arthritic knees. Also, I jammed my finger. Duh.Cornhole_front

People, let’s be honest. Throwing parties isn’t the easiest thing in the world to do. In fact, it takes a lot of prep work. Also, it means I have to be in the right mindset to get in “party mode”. So here are a few things we’ve found that help when we throw parties for 50+ people. At our house. (Which actually happens about once a month or once every six weeks…)

  • Even if an event is merely being held at your house, you’re still hosting. Be prepared with extra cups, cutlery, and plates. And napkins. And random other miscellaneous supplies. You’ll need them.
  • You may not know everyone that comes to your house. That’s cool. Welcome them anyway. (This pic was from J’s birthday party. WHO ARE ALL THESE PEOPLE WITH BEARDSTACHES??!?)BeardParty
  • Relax. Your floors are going to get (really) dirty, flowers are going to get smashed, and you may or may not go through five rolls of toilet paper in an afternoon. Yes, seriously. Deal with it and be grateful. We’re grateful we have a house, we have friends, and we have friends that fill our house. It’s a blessing.
  • As far as you are able, prepare foods beforehand. You don’t want to be doing a bunch of food prep while people are there. You want to be hanging out with your amigos.
  • For serious, wear some comfy clothes and shoes. You may not be the cutest person there, but at least you won’t be angry because you’re uncomfortable. UGA Shorts
  • If someone offers to help, let them. (I’m still working on this.) Cleanup and setup   goes faster/ smoother/ easier with more hands helping.
  • It’s okay if projects aren’t complete in your house. It actually serves as a conversation piece- you can start walking them through your plans… and sometimes- just sometimes- they’ll offer up a little gem of inspiration or an idea.
  • Parties (like weddings) are never going to go as planned. Roll with it and just have fun. Porch_Sitting

Speaking of weddings, J and I just celebrated our 1-year anniversary on Monday. What a wonderful, busy, shiny, full year it has been. We’re so, so thankful and blessed to be where we are. And with each other. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my forever loving him.


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