Island Life

Continuing on the house tour, we’re going to skim over a couple areas and go straight to the room most people would automatically gravitate to upon entering a home… Duh, the kitchen. J and I have been searching for months to find the right kitchen island. We scoured Craigslist, Home Depot, Lowes, and even kept and eye out at thrift stores. After being second on the list for a [different] *perfect* find on Craigslist, we found this guy. The size fit what we needed (2’x3′), it had open shelving (in addition to a closed-in cabinet), and a small drawer. The only thing it’s missing is an overhang for our legs (for when we sit at the island).  Viewfromdoor The island came used, so it’s a little scratched up on a couple of the legs, needed a good cleaning, and also… could use some new hardware. Additionally, it could use a coat of paint. I just can’t decide on a color until the floors are complete. Or whenever I get inspired and know what the perfect color would be. Whichever comes first.Island_in_spaceIsland_BeforeSo J and I picked up some great little knobs waaaay back during our last Thanksgiving Holiday at the Hobby Lobby down in Augusta. (Way to be hoarders. Sometimes, it pays off!) And the drawer knob was a gift from a friend (she really knows the way to my heart- sparkly home improvement-ware). ***side note. I didn’t take a picture of that. Because I forgot. Be gentle with me.*** The drawer knob worked perfectly… the water valve knobs, however, needed some adjustments. The screw portion was a bit too long for the door to still close. Knob_ScrewOut came the MultiMax. I just fired that puppy up and went to town. A couple things to note with this tool:

  • Despite the fact that I used the metal blade, it still took some effort.
  • This thing is really loud. And Ringo was not a fan. At all.
  • It’s not the prettiest thing in the world, but it works.

Ta-DAaAA!Island_withKnobsSo there. It’s working, it looks good, and it’s the right size. But now on to the color… thoughts? Anyone? (Also possibly changing out the top to Butcher Block… YES?!??)FullIsland


One thought on “Island Life

  1. Kelly, love the island. Wish our kitchen was larger so we could use one. As for colour…something to make it pop. I’m sure you will know what that is. 🙂

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