A happy little mossy place.

So, in case you may not have noticed, I took a couple weeks off. Not for any other reason than… it was nice to have a break. I, of course, did projects in those few weeks, and have plenty to share with you all. It was just nice not to have a list of to-do’s every night when I came home from work.

Without further ado, I’ll start updating you. A little house tour, if you will. And I will. What better place to start than the front of the house, right? And when I say front of the house, I mean front porch. So you may remember these couple of projects that I was suuuuper-excited about: the trellis-planter and the succulent birdcage.Trellis_Complete planting

Well. They failed. They didn’t fail miserably, but the plants just weren’t happy in their allotted locations. The succulents were dying, and the begonias were just… unhappy. I mean, every time I went outside and looked across the street at the neighbor’s begonias, I was reminded of my failure. Something had to be done.

So first, I removed the begonias from the buckets on the trellis and planted them in front of our azaleas and boxwoods. Immediately, they looked happier. Okay, not really. But I like to think so. Begonias

Secondly, I took the succulents that were in the birdcage and planted them in the buckets on the trellis. Again, a much better fit. Especially because succulents don’t necessarily love direct, hot sunlight. And they prefer to be watered only once every 2-4 weeks. Again, much happier. But then I was left with a sad [empty] birdcage. Womp Womp Womp.NewTrellis PlantsEmpty Birdcage

Then, on a Saturday morning, I took my self to the garden center that’s right down the road. Generally, we buy our plants at Home Depot, but I thought I’d give it a shot to see how the prices were at the garden. Lo and behold, they were comparable. And the plants actually looked much healthier. So I picked up a couple more bits to fill up the birdcage and another few pots that were inside. (I’ll show you those guys later. Promise.) But this little guy is a spreader… but I really just loved the way it falls over the sides of the pot. And apparently, there will be tiny yellow blooms on him one day.

DrapingFlowersNow, lemme tell you. This round two of the birdcage… might just be my favorite. I have to wait to let the moss all fill in before I complete it, but I’ve got big (weird) ideas for this. Stick it out with me. MossyBirdcage  And here she is as of today. Matching pillows (only had one there for a real long time), some wildlife and a pair of J’s shoes. Seems like home to me.  Porch_Phase1

So what’s next with the front porch? We need to paint the door. And want to paint the mailbox. And repaint everything white. And powerwash. And maybe do something with the weird broken-brick floor. Any ideas? I’m taking them now. Kthanksbye.


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