Get your learn on. Schoolhouse-style.

One of the items on the to-do list for our Electrician-man-friend was to add an extra fixture in the hallway. We had a single little buddy at the end of the hallway (near the bedrooms), but there was nothing above the coat closet… making it very difficult for me to properly make my coat selection in the winter. And that is very important.

So the nice electrician-man magically installed an extra place for a light fixture with some stubby wires poking out of the ceiling. We left it that way for about a week or so, while we decided on fixtures. (We ended up using a sad little lamp for the time being, which proved to be very inconvenient at times…)One Stub Wire_StubsFirst, we thought we really liked these chicken wire lights from Shades of Light. (Fun fact: I used to work there for a couple months when I was in grad school in Richmond. People get ALL KINDS OF CRAZY when selecting lampshades. For serious. Stay away.)

ChickenWire_light We kept these on our short list for a few days, but when it came down to it, we didn’t want to spend $89 for each fixture AND have to wait until the end of August to get the lights shipped. (Backorder sometimes makes decisions easier.) So we marched on over to Home Depot and picked up these schoolhouse fixtures. For way less ($29.99, to be exact), immediate gratification, and it’s also an idea we’ve been tossing around since we moved in.HD_LightThen comes the hard part. Electrical circuits are all kinds of crazy. I looked at this diagram (via the google machine), Circuitryplayed with the wiring, ran back and forth from the hall to the garage to flip the breakers (at least 12 times), and still didn’t quite get the lights correctly wired. Then we went to the beach, where I dreamt of circuitry. Then I tried again and wooooo managed to wire it up correctly. Except for one thing. Each fixture was operating with the amount of light produced by a 5-10w bulb. And when J was putting the globes back on, one of them crumbled in his hands. Another trip to Home Depot to return the broken one for a non-broken one. UGHHHHH. Basically, I’m not even going to attempt to explain wiring and circuits and how everything fits together. Really, all I can say is: make sure your breakers are off before you attempt to do this. Secondly, USE YOUR REFERENCES. And when I say references, this (for me) means I either call my Mom, or I see what google has to say about it all.

Electrical man came back after the long weekend and knew exactly what the problem was. So he added another wire to complete the circuit (I don’t know– I wasn’t there), and like magic, we have a fully-lit hallway. With unbroken glass. Phew.InstalledViewToHallwaySo hurrah for new light fixtures! (And hurrah for taking a picture from the finished bathroom.)

Also, please vote for us! We’re trying to win a new floor for the kitchen… It could use some assistance! You can vote once a day until the contest closes–


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