A place of rest.

As I’ve mentioned many times before, we had an electrician doing some work at our house over the last few weeks. Reason why this man is fantastic: he comes between the hours of 1-4, does a bit of work, and charges us a ridiculously low hourly fee. I mean, really low. He takes his time to get things done (and does them right), but in the end, I’d say it’s worth it. So one of the [electrical] issues in the house was that the hall bathroom had one single light fixture that spanned the width of a 48″ vanity. This light fixture contained one fluorescent tube and also housed the room’s only outlet. That only worked when the light was turned on. Behold: the Before.hall_bathroom

Before_1So after we decided the room would receive approximately one outlet and two light fixtures, we removed the ginormous mirror. To be greeted with this.   Pink WallThis was a popular color throughout our house. Much to my dismay. But, really, no big deal. After a few rounds of spackle and paint, we arrived at the point where the mirror would be re-hung, albeit framed, and have two separate light fixtures hung above each faucet. Yay. (Yes, those bulbs will be changed out eventually. It’s like a lady with her slip hanging out of her skirt. Aka, INAPPROPRIATE!!)New LightsThen we got crazy. I painted the ceiling, the trim, and (duh) the walls. Then J got even crazier and built me a frame for the mirror (out of leftover pallet wood) and wall shelves to go above the toilet. Seriously, this man knows the way to my heart. (Building things>flowers)Mirror_finishedToiletArea_ShelvesBut. Let’s allow Ringo to show us how this turned out.RingoBathroomViewToHallwayAlso, please vote for us (and share your vote on Facebook!!)! We’re trying to win a new floor for the kitchen… It could use some assistance! You can vote once a day until the contest closes– https://www.facebook.com/ImpressionsHardwoodCollection/app_448952861833126

You’ll have to “like” the page first, and then if you sort by votes, it’ll be easier to find us. Once you vote, please share so that your friends can vote, too! Yay for new floors!


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