Kitchen cabinets. Again. Still not done. But almost!

Another quick update that was high-impact: (at least for me…) the kitchen. We left off with the kitchen cabinets painted and a dishwasher in. As noted in the previous posts about painting, we were are in need of some finishing touches. Like trim. Generally, people use a traditional “trim” piece to cover the gap between a soffit (or ceiling) and cabinets. The kind that looks like a more condensed version of crown moulding trim junk. Got that? Mmkay.upper cabinetsAnd (more recently), remember how we left the dishwasher? Still needed some finishing touches as well. (But it still gloriously washes my dishes. And my fingers are so happy about that.)2013-07-01 18.51.55We considered using the traditional trim for a time, but then I figured that since we had some extra trellis laying around, we might as well test it out and see how it looks. Amiright? So. Off to the garage with some primer and a couple coats of paint to prep the remaining trellis.

–side note. We actually had to pick up two extra sections of trellis from the Home Depot one afternoon (while picking up a bunch of other miscellaneous supplies), and brought it home in the convertible (figuring we’d need a little bit more than the 8′ section we had left from the cabinet doors). So I’m riding shotgun with two 12′ sections hanging out the window… having a nice day… sun is shining… AND ONE OF THEM SNAPS OFF IN MY HANDS. I just wanted that to sound more dramatic than it actually was. We just kept driving, because, really. I’m not picking that up on a highway. The End. —

J then took that junk, cut it to size, and used his manly nail-gunning skills and tacked those trellis pieces up where they belonged. Complete_Trim Dishwasher_Trim

They kinda just changed the entire feel of the kitchen. Ah-maz-ing.  Still left to do: Caulk the joints and touch-up paint along the edges.Trim_installed

What do you think? Would you stick with the traditional trim, or is the trellis growing on you? (GET IT? TRELLIS? GROWING? *ahem*) Love the kitchen? Hate it? Sweet.


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