Adding a bit of flair!

In the midst of chaos (I might have mentioned that we have an electrician hanging out at the house and doing some updating), I wanted to do a couple quick projects that would be minimal in cost and high in impact. Aka, I wanted a million more projects like the living room pallet wall. BTW, here’s an updated (daytime) picture of the living room, as promised:

Pallet Wall

Pallet with PictureSo yay for that.

J and I took a quick trip up to DC the other weekend, and of course, stopped by Ikea on the way back. Hurrah for cheap stuff that you may or may not actually need. I knew the Master was hurting for a bit of “softness”… You can kinda tell in this picture, but we had wooden blinds since we moved in.


Pretty, but not exactly “soft” and calming. But not bad.

Enter: Ikea tab-top curtains. I’ve been following this blog for a little bit (really like her), and she swears by the back-tab method of curtain-ing. (It’s a thing, I promise.) And it’s reallllly easy.

First, identify the culprit. The tab-tops. Blah.


Secondly, fold the tabs down and pin them where they need to be. TabsPinnedDown

Third, sew along the existing seam line. Sewing Down

Then? Hang those bad boys high and wide. (This method of hanging will change your life. This was also an experiment that changed the way we hang curtains… maybe forever.) Oh. Also, find a dog that will just stand in the middle of the picture. Lennon_Curtains

This was such a good change. Anyone else test out a new curtain-method? Anyone?


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