Girls and Cars.

I put this silly little project off for at least two solid months. I new it was a fast one, and one that would be helpful and useful… I just got sidetracked. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. But, at least for me, this whole project took about 10 minutes. And that’s including the 8 minutes it took for me to go through all the junk in my glove compartment. (Does anyone keep gloves in their glove compartment? You deserve an award, if you do.) And it’s something that can save you a good chunk of change.2013-06-23 09.38.00

Of course, this is different for every car, so… look at the manual to locate where your cabin air filter is. (My car has two different air filters… this one is– by far– the easiest one to replace.) First up, I took all the papers and silly things out of the glove compartment. Then I popped it out.2013-06-23 09.38.10

Boom. Air filter holder, just sittin there. Staring at me. 2013-06-23 09.39.59Wanting to be replaced. (Don’t throw up, mmkay?)2013-06-23 09.40.06

I unsnapped the front, slid the filter out of the holder, and then… Yay. 2013-06-23 09.41.04

Snapped the new one in.2013-06-23 09.41.25

Easy as pie. Except pie isn’t easy. Easy as opening a bottle of wine. Yay.

Also. America. Happy America Day.


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