This magic machine washes my dishes for me!

Obvs, I took a week off last week. After last weekend, I was plum wore out. Tired. Exhaustical. J and I worked bassssically nonstop Friday-Sunday. Jonathan, in all his manliness and wonder, took it upon himself to install a dishwasher and garbage disposal where there was previously none. We hired a nice retired man to run the electrical for the dishwasher and disposal (and cut the hole for the dishwasher), which he was able to do in one afternoon.

2013-06-18 14.06.24 2013-06-19 19.48.38Additionally, J decided to check out the plumbing underneath the sink (just to make sure), but WHAAAA… a nice little surprise awaited him. His finger just kinda poked itself through the chrome pipes that once existed. The pipes were so stinkin old that they were rotting from the inside out. Gross. So off we went to Home Depot (again) to pick up our supplies.

Like homeowners that know next to nothing about plumbing, we took what once existed under the sink in a plastic baggie, hoping that the pros would know what to do. To our delight, a nice plumberman approached J and delightfully said… “Whachoo got there?” And he promptly pieced together exactly what we needed. Yay, him.2013-07-01 18.51.32I’m not even going to pretend to go through a how-to tutorial of dishwasher installation. Basically, the best advice I can give: stay out of the kitchen, but make sure your man is fed and has water. And, when he asks for your help, drop what you’re doing to go help him. Also, a super-helpful tip. Get some of this WaterWeld stuff. When you have a drip, make a play-dough-like noodle and slap it on the joint that’s giving you problems. Btw, not sayin’ we had any drips.2013-06-23 19.34.09Sooooo after a solid weekend of hard work, I can now put my dirty dishes in a machine, turn it on, and leave them alone. It has been at least 5 years since one of these fancy machines were in my presence, and I can’t be more excited by it. Woot.

2013-07-01 18.51.55But oh. We can’t open one of the drawers anymore. My bad for not checking that beforehand. Yikes. Ideas? Maybe a flip-down drawer, like the ones that sinks sometimes have?

2013-07-01 18.52.35Also, our floor is still super-ugly. Stay tuned on how to help a sister out by way of new flooring. ***fingers crossed***


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